Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Long Weekends Should Be A Regular Thing

Since this was a long weekend for me, my weekend recap starts today!


As an officer, Andrew had a Royal Canadian Air Cadet banquet to go to. Of course, he dragged me along took me with him. Since this was a military event, I couldn't take any pictures.

Before we left for the event, I gave Andrew one of his Christmas presents. I'm pretty much the worst person ever at keeping gifts a secret because I'm always super excited to give the gift. Especially if I know it's a gift the person would like. Which was the case here. So what did I get Andrew? The Last of Us for the PS3. Can you guess what Andrew was doing when we got home?


That morning, I took Misty for a long walk in the park and made sure she spent plenty of time running around in the snow.

Little did she know, we were taking her to Pet Valu to get a doggy wash that afternoon.

That evening, we went to Clem's for a surprise party for him. Which was probably the most disorganized surprise party ever as Clem refused to go home (which is where the party was being held). He finally came home though and looked unimpressed when he walked in the door (he said he was surprised but had a feeling something was going on).

Clem and I took way too many pictures together, which looked like that.

Group pictures soon followed.

And more. Before calling it a night.


On Sunday, Andrew and I attended a funeral for a great aunt of mine that passed away. The rest of the day was quiet.


On Monday, Kat and I went to our old stomping grounds aka our old University. Man, how things have changed! It looks like a fancy mall more than a university now!

Our intention was to eat at a buffet on campus that we used to go to all the time but that was closed, unfortunately. Greek food instead!

We spent the rest of the day getting some Christmas shopping done. I'm glad that's out of the way!

Now to catch up on lots of work!

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  1. If only long weekends were a weekly thing! Sorry about your great aunt but I'm glad you enjoyed your break. I absolutely love Greek food so that looks amazing!

  2. I wish I would have had a long weekend! Looks like you had fun (aside from the funeral).

  3. man i hate when people don't get surprised!! haha oh well, still looks like a very fun weekend!

  4. The food, the party, the dog. I need your life asap. xo!

  5. When I threw a surprise party for my best friend, we kind of had the same problem. She was out shopping and having too much fun to come home! Glad you enjoyed your long weekend!! :)

  6. I always love looking at your weekend food pictures. Your pup looks so pathetic (in a cute way of course) get bathed!!

  7. looks like you had a good weekend. that's always fun when you can get together with great friends. and even hang out with dogs. Dogs are the best.


  8. mmm falafel! But yes, I wish long weekends were more common for me too. My university has done so many renovations since i left, im pretty jealous! theyre getting movie theatres now grrr

  9. You weekend sounds so busy. That Greek food looks so yummy though.

    Sorry to hear about your aunt.

  10. I wish it had been a long weekend across the pond. Very sorry to hear about your Aunt! X


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