"Life is for the living.
Death is for the dead.
Let life be like music.
And death a note unsaid."
- Langston Hughes; The Collected Poems

I'm a pretty simple (Canadian) girl, who is passionate about writing, music and living life to the fullest.

Basically, this blog serves the purpose of letting me ramble to the World Wide Web, so I can share my random adventures and have something to look back on years later.

Andrew and I visiting Las Vegas
Because pictures make posts more interesting
Still want to know more?

I have a degree in Professional Writing.
I live in Toronto, Ontario with my boyfriend, Andrew.
Andrew is a private and commercial pilot. 
I'm an administrative assistant.
Traveling is important to me - as is music.
I love food (half my posts seem to be about me eating somewhere..).
I'm a nerd and enjoy video games.
I love hiking and being outdoors.
I have a half-brother (JB) who is 15 years younger than me.

Me, Andrew and JB
"Alex[andra]"? I don't get it.

I know it seems weird that I write my name like that. I've spent my life struggling with my name. It's Alexandra, but I go by Alex. Whenever I introduce myself as Alex though, I often get told, "that's a boys name." For the record, it's a unisex name. Alexander is the boy version of my name. But, to prevent that conversation from happening, I always introduce myself as Alexandra.

Hopefully that clears it up. If you're still confused, just call me Alex! But, don't tell me that I have a boys name.


  1. My sister was born when I was 16! She is the light of my life. Crazy how those little ones can change your life!

  2. YOLO! Cannot wait to see you guys! Love the bio. You're amazing. Keep it up!

  3. Hey new friend!! Found you on FFF, love your sweet blog. I can't believe you have a degree in professional writing-- I love to write. But changed my major from writing to psychology. Can we be friends?! Following you :-)

    XO Jenna

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me... Always great to find a fellow Canadian.. I am now following you through GFC and bloglovin.

  5. Hey Alex,
    It's Gi from over at Trials and Tribulations, thanks for following me and thank you for your beautiful message, it was nice to wake up Saturday morning and have a comment boosting my ego ha ha!
    I may have just spent the last hour pouring through your blog a little stalkerish, not to freak you out or anything but when I find a blog I love I just can't help back reading. Your blog is defiantly a new favourite!
    Your food looks great! As I have a extremely fussy husband it's great to find items that I know he will love, might have to give the skillet recipe a try this weekend.
    I look forward to following you and hearing what life is like in Canada!
    Gi xx

  6. My baby brother, Luke, is 18 years younger than I am. I understand your love for JB, because Luke has had my heart since he was born.

  7. Hi just found your blog..Can't wait to keep reading (:

  8. Hey, Alex! First off- I love the name Alex for a girl... I've always thought it was super cute :) Also, I saw your comment over on Emily's blog and thought I'd say hi. And now I see you studied professional writing?! So cool! I was a journalism major in college and write all the time in my free time... hoping one day to be published!

  9. I love the name Alex for a girl too! I feel your pain though. My name is Erin and growing up people will tell me that I had a boy's name. They'd always confuse it with "Aaron", and it was very annoying!

  10. I have a professional writing degree also! Woohoo! :)

  11. I once saw a quote by hemingway that said if you're not having fun, you should be dead. the quote you posted at the beginning reminded me of that :) happy almost friday!

  12. Just wanted to let you know that I just stumbled upon your blog a little while ago and I love it! I also love that you are Canadian!! :) (I live in Halifax!)

  13. Hi Alex!

    I just came across your blog through the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop so I wanted to introduce myself. I love meeting new bloggers and I'm a fellow foodie! I look forward to following your blog :)


  14. Yay - another Canadian (Toronto!) blogger! I can't wait to follow along!

  15. Awesome i don't find Canadian bloggers everyday we should follow each other i followed you with GFC and bloglovin to show the support :)If you have time to come check mine out that would be awesome http://pro-cosmetics.blogspot.ca/ hope you love it :)

  16. Hey Alex - as a 'Jordan' I totally get where you're coming from! Can't believe I've never heard that quote (from the beginning). I'm a quote junkie, love it!

  17. I totally understand! We plan to name our first daughter after my husband (he's in love with the idea of a Daddy's girl and I'm certainly not having a Jr....Um, Nick Jr? No thanks giant face!). Anyway, her name will be Ryan Nichole (his is Nicholas Ryan) and everyone we tell that to says "Um, that's stupid. You know that's a boy name, right?" Yeah jack wagons, it's becoming a very popular girl name nowadays. And we aren't changing so now I know you hate my future daughter's name. I don't get why people feel the need to voice an opinion on people's names?! This is the exact reason I hate the nickname Mel. I used to go by Mel until some unkind boys started making fun of me for having a boy name. Uh, it's Mel, short for Melanie, not Melvin ya jerks


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