I love cooking, even though I'm fairly new to it. Working almost 40 hours a week while going to school full-time didn't allow me any time to cook. Now that I have the time, I enjoy trying lots of new recipes! I haven't quite mastered any complicated recipes yet (nor do I have the counter space to) but I'm trying. I also enjoy taking pictures of the food I make, be it from a recipe or my own creation. I'll include those pictures here, along with their recipe.

Alex's Recipes

The link will take you to the post that includes the recipe. For some posts, you may have to scroll down to find the actual recipe.

Alex's Mexican Chicken and Rice 

Alex's Chicken Salad

Other Recipes

Quinoa Salad with Baby Spinach and Grape Tomatoes 

We served this with salmon and cod. Yum!

Kraft Recipes


I served it on rice and garlic bread. As an afterthought, I should have taken a picture of it on that. It was delicious!


This has got to be the easiest recipe ever and it's so good!

I clearly used the wrong pasta for this, but it still didn't turn out too bad. It's very filling though and makes lots of leftovers!

I made this for Andrew and a friend one night. It was really good. But, pasta is also my favourite food ever.


I made these for Andrew for Valentine's day one year. I clearly made them a little thicker than the ones on Kraft's website, but I think biscotti's should be thick!

This was SO easy to make and super yummy!!

I clearly could have taken a better picture and should have taken a photo of a slice of the cake. It was my first time making a double layered cake though and I was pretty proud of it. It was really good too!

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