Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hitting the 3 O'Clock Wall

By 3pm every (work) day, I'm tired. Like, instantaneously-why-am-I-not-in-bed-right-now tired. The "hitting the wall" expression is right on the nail.

But as tired as I am, I can't leave work. I still have two and a half more hours of what feels like forever. In reality, it's not a big deal. But if you've ever hit that wall, you know what I'm talking about.

So, what do I do to get through the rest of the day?

Yes, I did take an awkward
selfie of myself for this post.
You're welcome.

Drink Water

The moment I start feeling tired, I chug back a glass of water. It helps keep me hydrated and makes me feel energized. It also forces me to go to the bathroom a few too many times which, when you're trying to stay awake, is a good thing.

Have a Snack

Something light and not full of carbs. I find an apple or another kind of fruit also helps keep me energized. Trail mix is a great option too!

Stay Positive

It may feel like the day is never going to end but in reality you're almost there. Plus, as tired as I feel, I'd rather have a job to be tired at than not have a job at all.

Avoid the Clock

I find that looking at the time only makes time go by even slower. I just ignore the clock. If I can't see that it's only 3:02pm than it must not be only 3:02pm.

Listen to Music

Technically, I'm not supposed to listen to music at work. I know, I know. It blows. But, I do it anyway. Really quietly (did you know that I have supersonic hearing?). It helps the time go by faster, keeps me awake and it makes me want to work.

What are your tips for staying awake after hitting the 3 o'clock wall?


  1. I get this wall about 4am (I work night shifts as an RN). Sometimes 12 hr shifts go so fast and others so slow. I like to walk around and not sit still. It helps. I love all your tips!

  2. I tend to take a 5 minute break, and then I jump into a tricky work problem that keeps my mind occupied. I am off at 4pm, so I find the wall shows up at 2pm for me!

  3. it don't get that slump anymore (i used to around 2pm) but when i did, i would get up and walk around. if i can catch some fresh air and it's not too cold, i go outside. it's been proven that fresh air wakes you up better than coffee. science says so!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I always get up and walk around when I hit the wall. It help me wake up and gives me a bit of energy.

  5. I don't know how your lunch schedule is set up, but I found that eating throughout the day (dividing up what I packed for breakfast and lunch) helped keep away the fatigue.

  6. You aren't allowed to listen to music?! I keep almonds at my desk and find that .5-1 oz (around 14-28) will give me a little natural boost of energy! Plus they're yummy. Green tea is also a great go-to natural energy boost!

  7. First of all, no music at work? I would die! Second of all, these are great tips. I hit that wall every day! Avoiding the clock is definitely something I need to work on.

  8. Oh I hear ya! 2-ish is when my mall comes down! And I totally agree about the drinking water part, I find it does help (as much as it can)!!!

  9. Im the same around 2..I have to get up and walk around..I eat candy too although Im sure thats one of the most unhealthiest suggestions lol

  10. Drinking water is such a good tip! And something I always forget to do :( x

  11. oh my gosh, the 3 o'clock wall is the worst! i'm usually mindlessly shoving food in my face at that point because I'm bored so I think i'm hungry. I will also randomly do stretches or something in my office too, so I kinda feel more energized. weird, but effective ha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  12. Oh man, the 3:00 lull.... Sooooooo bruuuuuuutal. Seriously, it can be really tough to get passed. The clock thing is a good idea but it is such a habit for me to look up and over to the right, where that clock hangs, mocking me..!
    What do you do for work? I just realized that I don't know. I'm usually a pharmacy technician, when I'm not on mat leave. I know exactly what you mean about 3:00. I get off at 5:00 and you just need to get to 4, and then it's juuuuust one more hour. I can live with one more hour.. but two, for some reason is hard!

  13. For me it means tea time. I am lucky to have a Starbucks on my floor, so I get a vanilla tea and a biscotti. It works every time. :)
    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  14. This is probably bad....but I when I start hitting the wall I go straight for the coffee! New Yorker problems...

  15. That 3:00 slump is the worst! I usually try to have a healthy snack to give me the energy to get through the rest of the work day. Love your tips!



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