Monday, 4 November 2013

Free Stuff Makes Women Crazy

Okay, free stuff makes some women crazy. I'm going to skip my recap of Friday, since it was uneventful, and go straight to Saturday.


Saturday, Kat and a few girlfriends and I went to the National Women's Show. I've been going every year for the past, at least, four years. The only way I can really explain it is that it's a show for women which has a ton of free stuff. I mean, who doesn't like free stuff? Most people try to get there really early because of the swag bag you get full of, well, free stuff. The picture above is a line of women going into the show.

After getting our swag bags, we marveled at how busy the show was.

Then I got a gel manicure for $10!

And watched Kat decide to do the Cha-Cha-Cha (which I then beat her score in. Just had to throw that in there).

We took selfies as we waited in line for free food. It was then that we noticed how catty some women can get. We were "told off" on more than on occasion, being "reminded" that we aren't supposed to bud in line. But, we weren't budding! In one line, Kat had turned her back to face me. It was then that a woman snapped at her and accused her of cutting the line. Uh, lady, relax. For one, she's behind you. Two, she was there the whole time. Chill.

We left satisfied with all our swag though!

The cute couple
After the show, I went back to Kat's, where she made some awesome jambalaya and we watched VHS2 (I was unimpressed by it). Of course, Misty had to stop by to see her boyfriend, Beamer!


Sunday morning I woke up to that adorable image.

When they were done cuddling, I took Misty for a walk through the trails. It is getting cold out but she doesn't seem to mind!

Tons of free stuff!

After our walk, I emptied out my swag bags to see what I got from the Women's Show.

I even got free stuff for Misty so she waited patiently to try it.

That night, Andrew and I went out to dinner with one of his friends. I, of course, had pasta, while they had steak. We all shared a cheesecake at the end which looked better in real life than in the picture.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. The Women's show sounds like such a fun event! Aw and that photo of Andrew and Misty is too precious!

  2. Oh my god. I love free stuff and that pile makes my heart happy for you. It must have been like Christmas! x

  3. Ummm I WANT TO GO TO THIS! lol

  4. A Women's Show? That sounds like so much fun!! Stopping by from the linkup!

    Happy Monday!
    Forever Young

  5. I love free stuff! (Duh). It makes me crazy in a good way :) what a super cute pup!

  6. Ooooo, sounds awesome! (except for the mean women, of course!)

  7. That is a lot of free stuff. Holy hell. I think I'd endure all of the cranky pants in the lines and the budding accusations for that loot too! As always, your dinner looked amazing. I could stare at food pictures all day. (Oh yeah, that's why I'm on Pinterest...!)

  8. I do love me some free stuff... not gonna lie!

  9. Haha! So cute Misty has a boyfriend. Pippa loves her doggie friends! She hardly slept all weekend because she wanted to play literally the whole time.

  10. The Toronto one really rocks! I've been to the one in Ottawa and walked out of there with just a hand full of free stuff!

  11. Free stuff for the win! But geez...pipe down lady. Haha. Misty just melts my heart, especially that picture of her and Andrew!!

  12. I've never ever heard of that show but it does sound kind of fun! If you can just ignore the crazy people...

  13. Is it called "budding" in line?!!?!? Girl, I have been saying "BUTTING" my entire life. It all makes sense now...ahahaha

    But yes, some women are crazy!!!

  14. yeah, bitches need to chill!

    i go to the OOAK show every year; already got my ticket for the christmas show :) too bad they don't give out swag there :(

    Vodka and Soda


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