Friday, 30 August 2013

Life's Too Short To Be Complicated

You know what my favourite part of the long weekend is? Besides not having to go into work on Monday, of course. 

Sleeping in. 

Here's my five for this week:

 one. I tried not to complain, but I'm not impressed with the haircut I got two weeks ago.
My stylist was sick, so someone else cut my hair.
If you look closely, it's all choppy and she ruined my layers (which I'm growing out).
Good outfits always help it look better though.
two. If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw the ridiculous amount of savings I found.
I thought it was funny.
I always get excited when I see "reduced to clear." $.00 in savings?! What a steal!
three. Go for a walk in the rain, the dog said.
It'll be fun she said.
(Just so you know, it was POURING rain. She didn't mind. I did.)
four. Kraft Canada is awesome! 
I was so excited to get a box of goodies from them, that I only paid $10 for!
Kat says my excitement shows how old I'm getting. Thanks, Kat.
five. "You are the master of every situation," says my fortune cookie.
Yes, yes I am.

Also, life's too short to be complicated, so sometimes you gotta shake what your momma gave you; and dance in the supermarket (for #backthatazzup):

Have an amazing long weekend everyone!! See you all on Tuesday!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.pngxoxo Rebecca


  1. You shouldve stocked up on whatever that was! those kinds of deals dont come around often!

  2. That deal continues to crack me up. Also that's the best fortune cookie fortune ever. I once got one that said "Ignore previous cookie" :( xx

  3. HA! Best. Deal. Ever.

  4. I feel you on sleeping in, I can't wait for that this weekend! That sucks you don't like your haircut, that's one if the worst feelings. It's a shame you couldn't ask her to re cut it or something.

  5. Sweet deal, ha!

    Sorry you aren't pleased with your hair. I left feeling good about my hair now it's a week later and I kind of dislike it too. Blah.

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  6. Bad hair cuts are the worst! I got one last summer and it actually just grew all the way out this summer! I think your hair looks good though!
    Stopping by from H54F!
    Come link up with us! Would love to have you follow along

  7. just from reading the title... oh hell yeah.

    samplicious.... now that's a good word.

  8. LMAO on "the deal". why even bother putting that up?!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. i think you're hair looks great! so sorry you didn't like the job she did!
    i love your outfit - lookin' good, gf! <3


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