Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Short Long-Weekend Recap (Starring Misty)

I did it. I shamelessly tried one of the specialty foods found at the CNE (that I talked about in this post).

Epic Burger in all its glory; the site of the infamous Cronut burger
Since, as we know by now, the Cronut burger has been taken off the shelf, I went with the Krispy Kreme burger: the buns are Krispy Kreme donuts (if that person's big head wasn't in the way, you'd see the poster of it).

Glorious Krispy Kreme Burger
I'll be honest; it was delicious. As delicious as it was, I wouldn't let myself eat more than a few bites for fear of making myself sick. Instead, I ate spaghetti which I got for $1.99. Mmm.

I then made friends with this little guy.

And looked at some really cool sandcastles.

Then I said bye to this guy, who left me for the weekend to go to New York with his family (I kind of missed him. I guess).

Hi, I'm Misty. I'm adorable and enjoy long walks in the park.

But it was okay because I spent the weekend at the park with that gorgeous girl.

Who made friends with Theresa's rabbits.

And slept peacefully on my couch.

And wasn't impressed when I wanted to play fetch, but she wanted to sleep.

Then she got bored on the Starbucks patio, while I had coffee with Liza.

In case you can't tell, my mission to save money has officially started. Countdown to my new place: t-minus 4 days.


How was your long weekend?
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  1. Aww I love how she is just splayed over your couch. So cute! Side note, how good is Starbucks whipped cream? It's pretty much the best thing ever.

  2. I can't get over the Krispy Kreme burger... was it not weird? What was a sweet burger like?! Also I love misty! xx

  3. 2 donuts as the bun?! yowza!! was it weird having meat and something sweet mixed together?

    Vodka and Soda

  4. krispy kreme burger, just wow!! i just wanna try that for some weird reason!

  5. I have been wanting to try one of those burgers!!!! It looks good but spaghetti does sound better to my stomach, haha!

  6. That sandcastle...wow!!! It's amazing what some people can do!! Glad you had a great weekend!! :)

  7. The burger looks delicious.

    I was going to go to the CNE this weekend but bailed at the last minute. glad you had fun!

  8. My donut burger was a little different because it was made to be more like a breakfast burger (eggs, bacon, etc.) but I couldn't eat it all either! That sandcastle is seriously amazing...I can barely make one with a pail and shovel, hahaha. And I love this: "I kind of missed him. I guess." Hahaha. So funny! And finally, YAY NEW PLACE SOON!!!

  9. i love that you thought it was good - it DOES look good! i bet steve could eat twenty of them! hahaha! and yay for spaghetti for under two smackers! :)
    that starbucks looks amazing!


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