Monday, 6 May 2013

The Weekend of Nice Weather

"Every time I look into your eyes,
It feels like I could stare at them for a lifetime."
- Pitbull ft. Shakira; Get It Started
No Cinco De Mayo fun here in Toronto (it's not a Canadian thing). I plan to live vicariously through everyone else's blog posts about it though!


Before Andrew left on Friday night, we spent as much time together as possible. We grabbed Misty and hit up a patio.

Misty with her dinner

Our awesome dinner
I somehow managed to take pictures of the food, but not us. Andrew left later that night and I already miss him very much!


Delicious, homemade cake
I visited my older half-brother, Jonathan, and his family. We celebrated his birthday, the nice weather and lots of great food. His wife made that cake. From scratch! That - and some surf and turf - made for an amazing meal!


Selfie on the bus. Why not? 
Took a trip to a neighbouring city to see my dear friend, Jenn. Because she is a jerk had work to do, Kat (who's the missing part of our trio) didn't join us, and we missed her dearly.

After a wonderful lunch, we grabbed ice-cream and went for a walk around the lake.

Jenn's sunglasses are all bling bling
I may have ended up with a sunburned face by the end of the day, but considering that we finally had some really nice weather, I can't complain. That is, until my face starts peeling.

Also, although I rarely ever watch hockey: Go Leafs Go!
(It's a pretty big deal that we're in the playoffs.)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Girl!! No cinco de mayo in canada?!?! You better come to the states and grab a margarita!!!
    However...those fries and ranch..yyuumm!!!!!

  2. Boo for no cinco de mayo.. but those fries & that cake look delicious!! Yay for best friends named Kat! haha. & Darren had a sunburned face by the end of the day yesterday, so you're not alone! lol

  3. That food looks amazing. I may just have to have french fries with my lunch today. Perfect weekend for you and the weather was amazingly beautiful. Toronto looks amazing, I cant wait to come experience it for myself :) Despite the sunburn you look like you've already got a tan, jealous!!! Lol, Brian is quite excited the Bruins are in the playoffs...I think they are anyway!

  4. That cake especially looks amazing!

  5. You should try to make Cinco de Mayo a thing in Canada. Haha maybe you can make it catch on? EVen though it's a bit gross, I always put Aloe Vera on sunburns- its helps with the itching and peeling. xx

  6. I got sunburned this weekend too, except just on one a really awkward farmer tan. Oh well. That cake looks amazing!

  7. Perfect weekend!!
    My husband lived in Mexico for 2 years and said their independance day is actually in July... so it's really an Americanized "holiday" ha ha!

  8. what a fun weekend! that cake is a work of art!!!

  9. i live in texas and didn't celebrate cinco de mayo, haha! looks like a fun weekend!

  10. Wonderful weekend! All that food and that amazing cake! I'm about to eat ice cream at almost 2am. :) so glad you had a good one! Such a pretty photo of you on the bus!
    I'm glad you soaked up the moments with your loves!
    I hope you have a happy Tuesday! Xoxox

  11. this i cute! hope you had fun! if you get a chance, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest post!

  12. Oh my goodness your dog is too cute!! xo

  13. Looks like you had a fun weekend! That cake looks soooo good!


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