Wednesday, 8 May 2013

That Time I... Got Really Close to The CN Tower

It's Wednesday! That means it's "That Time I" with my girl Emily!

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This post was totally inspired by Emily! She lives in Arizona, which I know nothing about. I asked her if it's mainly desert there; she asked me what the scenery in Toronto is like. I told her it's mostly all buildings. Of course, that made me want to look through photos on my computer to show her examples. Then I found this beauty!

The CN Tower and my mans sexy lips!
In case you're new here, there's two things you should know: I live in Toronto and my boyfriend flies planes. That means we go flying quite often and we get to see lots of great sights. One of my favourite things to do is take a "city tour," where we fly around Toronto. Getting close to the CN Tower, an iconic part of Toronto's image, is such a thrill!

In case you didn't know, the CN Tower used to be the tallest building in the world. Then Dubai came along and made a building even taller. It's still quite a sight to see! The part that's bulging out? That's the observation deck; it's about 1,500 ft off the ground! You can actually take an elevator up to it! The elevator goes about 15 miles per hour and gets you there in less than a minute. The elevator also has windows in it so you can watch yourself getting farther away from the ground!

You can also have dinner up there!

On my birthday! Man, am I white. 
Andrew took me for dinner there on my 24th birthday. Such an amazing experience!

Once you're up there, you can walk around the observation deck and take a look outside. Or you can lay on the glass floor which looks straight down at the ground (the picture I have of it doesn't do it justice).

If you're really brave, you can actually take a walk around the OUTSIDE of the deck like those folks!

Although I've gotten really close to it in the air, on the ground and actually going up it, I haven't leaned off the CN Tower with nothing but a harness to protect me from falling to my death. Maybe one day.


  1. That picture gave me a heart attack. I'm not even kidding. lol

  2. It's so awesome you get to fly with Andrew and see so many awesome sights! What an amazing spot to have dinner. I would have trouble neat! Thanks for sharing, Alex! I hope to visit Canada soon!
    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! Xoxox

  3. Brian would be soo jealous if he saw these. That is awesome. He cant wait to take me around on a tour of here he used to fly and many of the places we wouldnt go by car. That is a wonderful view!

  4. HAHA that last picture made my palms sweaty just looking at it!

  5. That is so awesome! Loved that y'all got to have dinner up there! The view looks amazing!!

  6. Woohoo! Wow, dinner there looks like it would be so amazing. Such a spectacular view! So it's official, when I come visit you, Andrew has to take us up in a plane, and we have to do the Edgewalk. YESSSS!

  7. Aw that dinner looks so nice! I went to a similar building when I visited Las Vegas, the Stratosphere I think it's called. Not as tall as the CN tower though!


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