Friday, 3 May 2013

H54F: Andrew, the Canadian Air Force & Birthdays

"Like a magpie and a ring,
I'm always going to be looking right to you."
- Lights; Toes
About a year ago, Andrew was sworn in as an Officer Cadet with the Canadian Air Force. In order to stay in that rank and/or move up in the military system, Officers are required to take two training courses within a three year period. For the next ten days, Andrew will be away for one of those courses (and will leave again at the end of May for the second course). There he will be taught duties within his current and future rank structure.

Although I know he doesn't realise it, I'm very proud of him and I'm going to enjoy having the bed to myself again miss him very much. Thankfully for me, he's only a phone call/text message/email away. I love you, babe!

Now onto H54F with Lauren!

one. Thanks to the help of some of you lovely ladies (here), I finally
chose a pair of flats!
two. Happy birthday to my dad!
(My favourite picture of him and my little brother)
three. Happy birthday to my older brother! 
(His birthday is one day after my dads)
four. Made some delicious chocolate chip cookies for their birthdays
five. Andrew, Misty and I spending time together before he leaves

As always, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Andrew is just awesome! I know your beyond proud.

    Cookies? Now I want some! Such a good choice for the flats. I love the color. That picture with Misty is so precious. Your both you guys!

  2. Those black flats are perfect! Where did you find them?

  3. Hey, I just stumbled across your blog and loving it so far! Following you now on GFC & bloglovin. :)

  4. Good choice on the flats!!! And nom nom on those cookies!!!!!

  5. Love the shoes! Congratulations to Andrew!!! xx

  6. lol- enjoy that bed ;) sometimes its nice!

  7. Good luck to Andrew going through training. Love your choice of flats!

  8. Congratulations to Andrew!! And Happy Birthday to your dad and brother! Wishing Andrew lots of luck with his training!
    And yay for finding a couple pairs of flats! :)

  9. those cookies look amazing! totally drooling ;) hope you had a nice weekend!


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