Monday, 22 April 2013

Weekend Review: Puppies & Parks

This was a pretty uneventful weekend; spent with the furball.

Spoiler alert: this post consists mainly of pictures of Misty.

"Why do you walk so slow? Hurry up!"
Saturday. Spent most of the day at the park with Misty, exploring the trails.

"This looks delicious!"
We made time to stop and smell (and throw) some sticks while enjoying a (very) crisp breeze (seriously, why is it still cold out? It's spring!).


That night, Andrew and I ordered in and finally watched Les Miserables. I absolutely loved it!

Sunday. Since my driving instructor thinks I'm perfect at everything I do, I'm clearly not learning much and still have no idea how to parallel park. After coming home from a frustrating driving lesson, Andrew and Jerome offered to teach me themselves. These boys need an award for that, since I was not making it easy on them. To make a long story short, I learned how to do it their way and I'm questioning why I'm paying for lessons (they also might hate me now. Opps).

Oh and we spent more time with this one:

"Seriously lady, you're slowing me down."

"My stick!"

What I left in my bed this morning.
Such cuties! <3

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  1. Misty is adorable! And ohmygoodness, now I want Chinese food! :) It has been a bit since we've ordered it because it made me feel sick most of my pregnancy.
    I'm glad Andrew and his friend were wonderful teachers! :) I hope your week is off to a sweet start, Alex! Xoxox

  2. I love all the pictures of Misty! & I still haven't seen Les Miserables but I trust your opinion on movies so we'll have to rent it soon!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. And I love all the pictures of Misty; she's beautiful.

  4. ahh i love dogs in blog posts:) your weekend looks fun! I really want to see Les Miserables, it s on my watch list!

  5. Misty, oh my goodness. Will I get the pleasure of meeting her???? Those trails look amazing...that would be a fun adventure for us :)Ahh, I'm getting even more excited for this!!! I love the first picture about walking faster. Bailey is the one that walks slow. Ever single inch of the ground doesnt get left behind when Bailey is involved. Food, yum! W@e went out to eat some of that goodness Friday! Thats so awesome that they taught you!1 I dont have the pleasure of learning but its ok. I've heard alot of people say that teachers arent overly fun

  6. Aww your dog is so cute! I just watched Les Mis last week - amazing

  7. I loveeeed Les Mis, and weirdly enough, my boyfriend, who would normally be totally against watching any musical-related movie, LOVES it. Sometimes I catch him humming the "angry men" song and he's seen it over four times now haha. Also, I'm still not good at parallel parking, and living in the city I have to do it every day!

  8. your dog is so cute - always love photos of other people's pups! looks like you had a great weekend! it got cold around us over the weekend too. hopefully it warms up and stays warm soon!
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  9. We got chinese on Sunday! It's kind of becoming a bad habit but it's sooo good! Sounds like a perfect Saturday night with your man :)

  10. Parallel parking is the worst. I avoid it at all costs and have done it probs less than 10 times since I got my license.

  11. So many dog pictures!!! They make me so happy. :)


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