Tuesday, 23 April 2013

So Many Flats To Choose From

Despite Mother Nature's mood swings, spring is in the air. The other day, I went into a shoe store with the intention of buying flats, but walked out with these bad boys instead:

Baretraps Back Zip Cut Out
I'm pumped to wear them, but I still need flats! What am I looking for with flats? Comfort, of course, but I also need something that I can wear around the office. So, nothing fancy.

After hunting around online for what seemed like forever, I finally narrowed it down to a few that I like:

4. Steps By Hush Puppies Lattice Black - $74.99

1. I love the gold on the Larison!

2. Although it's called a "Daytime" flat, the Kissell looks like it's a great flat to wear after work as well.

3. I see a lot of business professionals wearing the Michael Kors flats. I have to admit they do look really nice, but $146? I'll be the first to say it: I'm cheap! That just seems like a lot of money to me. 

4. The Hush Puppies are a bit much to me as well, but if I know anything about Hush Puppies it's that they're comfortable. Considering I want to get a pair of flats for the office, it seems like a good investment. I'm wondering if they're too plain though?

Ladies, what do you think?
Do you have suggestions on different pairs of flats?


  1. I love the MK flats too, but yeah, I agree that $146 is wayyyyy to much to pay for flats! Go with numero 2 :)

  2. I loveeee those MK flats!

  3. I like #2, they seem the most versatile. I love flats with the elastic around the top, so they stay on your feet! (I do have really narrow feet though...always causing problems!)

    I've had luck finding marked-down MK at TJMaxx and Marshalls, I got a pair of his sandals there last week for $30.

  4. those sandals are freaking cute. My favorite flats are the Tory Burch ones.. but they also carry a big price tag...

    Im digging really all of them!! But #2 seem like they would be the right choice!! I was also gonna say check out TJ maxx I always seee MK<333 hanging out in those stores!

  5. I think the 2nd pair is the best bang for your buck! I am a Kors whore though, so I probably would end up getting the MKs.


  6. My favorites are #1! It's so hard for me to find a good pair of flats too. I am on my feet ALL day so I have to search for something that's comfortable but cute. I've been meaning to go get a good pair and re-stock my flat collection, but I've got your same problem...can't seem to stick with getting what I NEED! Love the sandals you got!

  7. My favorite are #2, I also fight the comfort vs. style since I am on my feet 8 plus hours a day. I am in love with Reefs flats for women the sole is amazing, although they might not be as plain as you are looking for. I also love those sandals!

  8. Mother nature is making me sad :( I've been itching to wear flats and flip flops...enough of this sneaker garbage!

    Anyway, moving on from my rant that you love oh so much. I love the MK flats. The price though, killer!!! TJ Maxx, definitely try. Dont bring me into that store, I could get lost forever. Number 2 though is my choice :)

  9. Love your new shoes!!
    Hmmm, I admit, I am horrible when it comes to flats. They don't look so great on me. I have a pair I lived in during my pregnancy but they were cheapies from Target. I love all your choices. The second pairs looks super comfy and the MK ones are awesome!
    Wishing you a wonderful hump day, my friend!


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