Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Let's Talk App: Fitness (Full Fitness)

I'm no expert when it comes to working out, so I need a bit of help. That's where Full Fitness comes into play.

This app is the best I've found at keeping track of my different workout routines. If you don't have your own customized workout, you can choose from a list of their own workout programs; each focusing on specific aspects (such as abs, arms and even toning for women).

If you do have your own customized workout, you're able to easily find each exercise in the excercise list they provide and add it to your customized workout list.

Exercise List
Choose your exercise from the exercise list (above) then add it to your own workout list
  • cost - the app is only about $1
  • it provides pictures, videos and descriptions of each exercise
  • it's easy to navigate
  • you can track your workouts on it
  • it has a calorie calculator, body weight tracker and measurement tracker
  • let's you calculate your BMI
  • your music plays in the background, when the app is on
Lots of extra features, including a calorie counter and body weight tracker

  • a bit slow loading when you first open it
  • the videos only work on a data/wifi connection
  • missing a few exercises
  • doesn't have a timer in it (I have to switch apps to use a timer)
  • this may not bother anyone else, but I can't stand spelling mistakes! There's quite a few in this app
"extend our legs"
Um, I think you mean "out"
If you're like me and you need a bit of help with your workouts, then I totally recommend this app.

I've only been using it for a couple months and I've already started to notice that my stomach is getting a bit toned:

In a few more months, with the help of this app, I have no doubt that I'll reach my workout goals!

(This is a personal review; not an endorsed review.)

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  1. Wowzers! U look super fit! I just got offif my butt and went running 2 days ago and am still sore!!!

  2. Oh man I need this app but then again if I get it that means I have to workout...hahaha! Thanks for sharing it!! I am fixing to download it now!!

  3. Oh man I need this app but then again if I get it that means I have to workout...hahaha! Thanks for sharing it!! I am fixing to download it now!!

  4. Alex you have abs? I'm muy impressed. I should get off my lazy ass and do some workouts!

  5. Did you plan this post before you sent that email to me? If so that was perfect timing! First let me say you look amazing and that top is cute too. I need some workout outfits and then ill be set. Downloading that app! Thank you dear :)

  6. Wow you look great! And that's awesome how you can get a full workout with a $1 app instead of a gym membership lol. I'll have to check it out!

  7. ooo that's cool. I didn't know aps like that existed. That's funny, I thought it meant extend your legs. Either way, it's a spelling error. I'll have to see if I can get it for me phone.

  8. Ohhh I definitely need to try out this app, thanks for sharing!! You are going to have washboard abs in no time ;)

  9. look great, Alex! You're so toned!! I can't wait to start working out again...once I'm six weeks post-partum I'm allowed to.
    Thanks for sharing the app too! :)


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