Monday, 17 March 2014

Shots, Selfies & Weights

I woke up to a cold morning; I'm hoping this is the end of cold days! Onto the weekend recap. 

I honestly can't remember what I did on Friday. Let's skip to Saturday. 


I started my morning off by doing a Body Step class, which was all kinds of great and reminded me that I have no sense of coordination. 

That night, Andrew and I headed to Anjru's for a small house party. 

Mine is the MK watch on the left
There, one of Anjru's friends, Cindy, discovered how similar our watches were. 

This was drank. Food was ate. 

Shots were done.

Selfies were taken. 

Which turned into an awesome group selfie. 

It was a great night. 


I met Jerome at the gym where we did an hour of cardio. 

Then we headed over to the weights. After doing months of cardio, I noticed I wasn't seeing results. I knew I needed to incorporate weights into my routine but I was nervous. Particularly because I had no idea what I was doing. 

Jerome patiently taught me different workouts and prevented me from having a breakdown when I struggled to do them correctly (remember my lack of coordination? It's frustrating). My form is much better now and I'm hoping I'll be successful with the workouts when Jerome isn't around. 

After the gym, we went to the most non-Irish bar (St. Louis) ever in hopes of getting some green beer (truth be told, it was the only bar in the area with free parking). 

His glass is green. His beer is not.
Our waitress told us they didn't have any green dye yet, so I reunited myself with my love, the Caesar.

There aren't many healthy options at St. Louis, but we were famished. Normally, I would have finished all of that without a second thought. But, since lately I've been really trying to focus on eating healthy, I just couldn't do it. Many fries did not make it to my tummy.

My goal this week is to successfully do weights on my own, without being nervous! 

How was your weekend?


  1. There's no way I would have been at the gym the morning after drinking shots. Power to you! It sounds like a pretty great weekend! Is it still freezing? x

  2. ugh, i wish we could work out together but i hate the gym. then we can be bros together because lifting is my jam! just watch your form and workout in front of a mirror so you can see yourself/your form. with time, you'll get better/more comfortable with the moves.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. ohh man shots and the gym?! I'm impressed. i have to start doing more weights- it really makes a difference!

  4. Group selfies are the best! And I'm sure that Ceasar was better than the Bloody Mary you had here.... haha

  5. Weight training is so intimidating. I don't know why! I struggle with it too, so maybe you can find comfort in knowing you're not alone lol

  6. yay for weights! my advice is don't feel like you need a lot of weight at the beginning. even things like push-ups, air squats,etc. is a great way to start and then build into weight form there! yay !!!!

  7. I caught a cold too! I felt like a stuffed up mess this morning. You will definitely start seeing HUGE results when you start lifting on a regular basis. People always assume that you'll bulk up if you lift weights, when that's not true at all! Definitely work on form in the beginning and then once you have that down, you'll be unstoppable. :)

  8. Sounds/looks like such a fun weekend! I'm impressed with your self-control not to eat all of your food! It's so hard when you're out to eat and you're really enjoying what you're eating-- but I definitely need to do a better job with that-- especially when it comes to foods like french fries :)

  9. Your Saturday looks like perfection and I want that watch.

    and that wrap and caesar need to get in my mouth right now.

  10. This sounds like an awesome weekend - that food looks so good!

  11. Hooray on the weight training! A little bit goes a really long way, you'll see the results much more than 100% cardio. I love that your last two weekends have included shots. I can't remember my last one!

  12. Good on ya for working out those weights!

    P.s. that wrap looks DELICIOUS

  13. Your group selfie is just as good if not better than Ellen's from the Oscars! haha
    Weights are amazing! You will love them. Even body weight exercises will give you results faster than cardio for sure!

  14. Love that group selfie! :) I can't believe the bar didn't have green dye yet!

  15. Amazing that you worked out after a night of drinking! That's extremely impressive. I saw that selfie on your Instagram and it's pretty awesome.. !! Sounds like you had a great weekend. I drank a green beer today after work, in the comfort of my own house!


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