Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Facing Fears

We're all afraid of something; and if you say you're not, you're full of crap. Being afraid of failure, losing a loved one, running into financial troubles, etc. are all normal fears. But what about the really big fears?

My dad had a friend who had agoraphobia: a fear of leaving the house. Can you imagine never stepping outside of your home because you're afraid of what may await you outside?

What about pteromerhanophobia? The fear of flying. I've been asked a few times if it worries me that Andrew is a pilot because "flying is scary." My answer is always the same, "I'm not afraid to get into a car and flying is safer than driving - so no." But to many people, although they have no second thoughts about getting into a car, they go into full on panic attacks with just the thought of getting on a plane.

So what am I afraid of?

Blood being taken.

I can deal with needles in my arm. I have absolutely no problem with that. But, the thought of a needle going into my vein and blood being drawn from it puts me into full on panic attacks.

Then I went to the doctor, to ask about some shots I might need for a potential upcoming trip. Since there's no record on file of my medical history, it was hard for the doctor to determine what shots I might need.

"It would be best if we did a blood test to determine what shots you've already been given," she told me.

A what?

A blood test?

Where you stick a needle in my vein and take blood from me?

Uh, no thanks, I said.

But then I thought about it. Really thought about it. I told myself that I really want kids one day (don't read too far into that. I said one day. I didn't say one day soon). If I'm going to have kids, I'm going to have to do a ton of blood tests. I can't be afraid. I need to just do it.

What's the best way of getting over a fear? I asked myself.

Facing it head on.

"Fine," I told the doctor. "I'll do it. I'll get the blood test done."

So, right then and there, she took my blood.

I closed my eyes and looked away (which, in hindsight, makes no sense since my eyes were closed anyway). I felt a little pinch as the doctor spoke to me and before I knew it, she said we were done.

"That was it?" I asked. "That wasn't bad at all!"

I wore my cotton ball band-aid proudly for the rest of the afternoon.

The worst part of the experience was taking the latex tape off my arm. Holy crap, that hurt.

Do you have any fears? Have you faced any of them head on?


  1. nope, no fears here. i used to be afraid of the dentist but since i switched and they now use hygenists, i only go with the people i know and straight up tell them: "if i feel any pain, i'm out of here. not kidding either" so they're very gentle.

    good for you for facing this fear head-on. next time you have to go to a clinc to get blood drawn, tell them you have very small veins and to use a butterfly needle. those are extra thin and you don't feel a thing.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. It sounds so stupid. (Like really, really stupid) But I'm scared of worms. Just the thought of them and the gross way they move makes me gag. The idea of touching one sends shivers down my spine. After it rains I always keep one eye on the sidewalk so that I don't step on one... x

  3. Im terrified of spiders like legit will cry if i see one near me..ive been trying to get over the fear by killing the spider myself without screaming for someone to do it for me lol

  4. Way to go! My brother is jobless and I've been trying to convince him to donate his plasma (it pays surprisingly well). He's terrified of needles and shots, yet he has a HUGE tattoo on his chest. It makes no sense to me lol

  5. This is why we're friends, because I am exactly the same way. I literally act like a 5 year old whenever I have the get blood taken, and then need to reward myself with a milkshake after. That's the only way!

  6. Oh that's the worst! My real actual fear is none of the above, but is a papercut to the eyeball. Can you imagine???

  7. Right? They fail to mention that ripping the tape off is sometimes/all the time worse than the getting blood part. I'm terrified of eye drops. Like can't watch people do them and certainly can never entertain the idea use me doing them. Weirdo over here.

  8. I have a legit phobia of birds. like crippling fear. that's my fear. eugh. BIRDS SUCK.

  9. oh heyo! look at you drawing that blood like a champ!

  10. I have never been afraid of needles but I don't love them either. Last summer, I was out walking with my brother when a deer started to charge at us. Luckily it changed its mind before it did anything but scare the crap out of us. Ever since then I am seeing deer everywhere and I have developed an irrational (i know) deer fear. lol

  11. Yeah!!! I love your reasoning of why you need to get over it (see already thinking about kids over yourself ;-) My first nursing job when I was in grad school I was the immunization nurse at the college. I gave shots all....day....long.. Especially with all the kids traveling abroad I was becoming so familiar with the CDC website. The coolest one to give is the rabies shot (for the vet school) the vaccine is literally hot pink. So proud of you girl for conquering that fear!!! xoxoxo

  12. Two years ago I went with my roommate to donate blood. She naturally went first, because I was nervous. I watched her get pale white and then pass out. I haven't given blood since. (I didn't even give it that day, I said nevermind!!!) I really need to get over this fear since giving blood is so beneficial for not only yourself, but also others! Thanks for the little push!

  13. I'm strangely not afraid of needles but have been have a weird fear of heights sometimes. i hate elevators where you can see out of the windows. but then i love going on the tower of terror in disneyworld which is a much scarier version of that - so that has helped with my fears a bit!

  14. I hate getting blood taken, too! I can't look. Blood grosses me out!!!! Even my own!

  15. I did tell you about how I usually faint when I get my blood taken. But once I did the seven plus vials of blood when i was pregnant, I was a champion! I think we can really surprise ourselves when the time comes to face those kinds of fears.
    I'm afraid of cats, but not really terrified of them, I just don't like them. I also don't trust them and if someone has a crazy haywire cat, I would rather be anywhere else but there..!

    1. P.S. GOOD JOB !! You totally did it!I always leave the cotton ball bandage on too.. just to show off what a big girl I am!


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