Monday, 24 February 2014

When Montrealers Come to Toronto

This was a super busy and amazing weekend. As I mentioned in my post on Friday, one of our favourite couples, Vic and Chris, came all the way from Montreal to stay with us for the weekend. Let's get to the recap!

Us at Second City
I left work early to surprise them, but that didn't turn out the way I had expected. Instead, I picked up some groceries and made dinner for everyone. We ate together and spent a good while trying to decide what to do for the night. We finally decided to go to Second City, which was probably the best decision ever. 
The stage at Second City
The show was, in short, hilarious (as always). The jabs at Rob Ford, Canada Post and the "scandals in our neighborhood" skit were all perfect. If you live in Toronto, go see it. Now. 


After breakfast, we Andrew drove us to Niagara Falls (it's about an hour and a half from Toronto). 
It was cold.
As much as I love Niagara Falls, the truth is, it's just a big tourist trap. After checking out the falls, we agreed to only do one attraction while we were there. Since I love haunted houses and Vic hadn't been through many, I suggested we do Nightmares Fear Factory, which is by far the scariest haunted house I've been through. 

After a bad experience with the person that worked there, we entered the haunted house. From the moment we entered, we couldn't stop laughing. Chris was insistent that he didn't like this, "Guys, you think I'm joking, but I'm not. I really don't like this." I half expected him to yell the safe word which would have forced the actors to escort us out, but he didn't.

Instead, we made it through the whole house. Like champs. Obviously.

When we were done, I was starving. We drove back to Toronto, stopping at a Mucho Burrito along the way. We then went to their friend's house (who, for the record, lives above a massage parlor, which was all kinds of confusing at first. But, their friends place was really nice!) who made some really yummy cupcakes. Then we called it a night!


After breakfast, which consisted of pancakes with Trix cereal thrown in (it's gross), we played a really intense game of Jenga (Andrew lost. Twice).
We then met up with another one of their friends and went to the ice festival that was happening downtown.

Chris is a silly guy
It was really, really cold out so we didn't last very long there. After taking forever to figure out where to go eat, we finally decided on a really cool looking Mexican restaurant in the Distillery District.

Although the food tasted really good, we were still pretty hungry after eating.

Hunger aside, it was time for Andrew to take Chris and Vic up for a flight!

We flew around the CN Tower a few times and saw some pretty amazing views.

Vic, Chris and me!
When we landed, we all took lots of pictures together with Andrew's plane.

Andrew keeps me warm
But, it was really, really cold out. So, we ate some Chipotle and called it a night.

I'm so glad that Andrew and I got to spend the weekend with Chris and Vic. I can't wait until we get to spend another one with them!


  1. Ahhh what a fun weekend! I keep saying this, but I can't wait to come visit you guys - can we take a plane ride too? I probably would have died in the haunted house lol - especially if you say it was scary!

  2. Your weekends are ALWAYS so busy and exciting. I haven't been to Niagara Falls since I was in grade school. Bidou and I talked about going this summer!

  3. I love that Andrew's eyes are closed in that haunted house picture! So funny! That's pretty much how I handle being scared too lol. I either close my eyes, or cover my ears. If I can't hear it, it's not scary!

  4. i cannot do haunted houses. one time brad jumped out of our closet and scared me and i started crying. my own closet! no wait i am doing a haunted house.

  5. sounds like a fun weekend but I am terrified of all things scary. I would die in a haunted house ha.
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  6. What a fun weekend! We have a giant haunted house here in Denver that they randomly open for each holiday (it was opened on VDay which I thought was soooo weird, lol!) I think I'd literally pee my pants. That's pretty neat that they have a "safe word" there !!

  7. I just read an article about the Fear Factory this weekend, how weird! It had a collection of the most hilarious photos taken at that point in the haunted house that yours is from. Does a car come out like it's about to hit you or was that a previous year? x

  8. i love this. i clearly need to come to toronto. since i've only ever been in the Pearson Airport. i need to get on this.

  9. What a busy weekend! Looks like it was cold but a lot of fun. Oh, and I never knew there were any Chipotle's in Canada! This made me google and apparently there is one in Vancouver. Who knew? Certainly not me. I am going to pretend it wasn't there before I moved. Maybe it wasn't. I can definitely say I will be adding that to the to do list for my next trip home. I need to know what all the hype is about. ;)

  10. I love going into haunted houses or going on haunted ghost tours! Best part eat chipotle and called it a night hahahaha sometimes it really is the best go to dinner right?

  11. You know what's funny? I had friends here in Toronto that just got back from visiting friends in Montreal. That's some kind of alternate-universe stuff right there! haha

    I really want to check out Second City! Was it good? Worth going?

  12. What an awesome weekend! How many people can say they ended their mini vacay with a plane ride above the beautiful city! You and Andrew go down as the best hosts for that one:)

  13. I love the look on your face in the second picture at the Fear Factory. You have this sick satisfied look of happiness at being scared! LOL- I would be more like your friend.. hiding and pulling on other people!! I actually just read a blog post that had a link to a bunch of hilarious reaction shots from the Fear Factory. You have to check them out.. they're hilarious!
    Looks like you had another great weekend!

  14. Love that airplane picture! This looks like the best weekend :)
    xo TJ


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