Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Valentine's Day is a Crock

Or not.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't do Valentine's Day (Amanda knows what I'm talking about).

For starters, it shouldn't be labelled as a "holiday" since I still have to go into work. What kind of holiday forces you to go into work?

Oh, that's right, the fake kind of holiday.

The one that was created just so companies could make some extra money.

I got an email from Apple the other day, reminding me that "love is in the air" so I should consider purchasing an iPad Air to get to my "valentine's heart." I'm sorry, what? You want me to spend $519 (plus tax) on a device to give to my "valentine"? Have you been smoking whatever Rob Ford has been on lately? That's insane.

Truth be told, I'm probably just a terrible girlfriend. Every year, I remind Andrew that I'm not doing Valentine's Day, so he shouldn't expect anything from me (or give me anything) and every year, he seems a bit disappointed. Last year, (when the only person who read my blog was Kat) I mentioned that, to not disappoint Andrew, I got in the Valentine's Day spirit and bought him cupcakes. I took a few bites of one and then felt sick. Basically, I think I was being punished for trying to give in to the ridiculousness that is a corporate (Hallmark) holiday.

The only upside to Valentine's Day this year? It falls on Friday. A Friday right before a long weekend. Boo-yah. Thank you, Ontario (and other provinces which commemorate Family Day).

 Do you do Valentine's Day?

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  1. I like Valentines Day, but not the "buy an ipad air" part. I think a nice dinner at home and some non-sickness-inducing cupcakes are all you need!

  2. nope, no valentines day for me. this entire holiday goes against everything that this cheap chinawoman believes in (which is cheap prices) and everyone knows that this day is an excuse for companies and restaurants to extort money out of people who believe in this dumb "holiday". AINT' NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Haha I totally feel you! I think Valentines day is way over the top and just obnoxious in general. We usually just do a box of chocolate (for me), and I'll get him something small. I think it is much more romantic to do something spontaneously, rather than on a pre-determined holiday.

  4. Yeaaaaaah, no. I'm actually working Friday night after my fiancee and I both agreed that we feel no need to go spend oodles of money at an overpriced restaurant or whatever. We are going to the ballet on Wednesday, night, though and I'm really excited about that! But that's been something we've been trying to do since about October, so not Valentine's Day related at all. :p

  5. Haha, this didn't offend me at all. I hate Valentine's Day too. I just don't really get it. If I love someone, I'm going to show them 365 days a year, not just on February 14.

  6. I'm jealous of all of you provinces that get a Feb long weekend!! Ours is starting next year in NS since we just got a new government. I totally agree with what you said to me before about the discount chocolate the next day...that's what I'm stoked about for Valentines Day this year! Although I think we are also doing a double date night that weekend with some friends (it's just the only weekend it works out for babysitting etc!) :)

  7. I would probably agree on the iPad thing, but you have to admit, that's a good play on words "love is in the air," iPad air, it made me laugh at little at least =) .

  8. I do something small for him (last year I got him a six pack of his favorite beer and a heart shaped tin of his favorite candy) but it's my birthday that day so my birthday trumps the silly fake holiday for me! It's awesome because we get the following Monday off (Presidents Day here in the states) so my birthday is followed by a 3 day weekend! Love it.

  9. I totally agree! I saw that same email and I was like "ohhh so you made the screen pink so I'm suppose to buy it now for Valentines day??" We get each other cards and cook a nice dinner....perhaps crack into one of the "special occasion" bottles of wine. I am on the same page...if I have to go to work it's not a real holiday!

  10. I like any excuse to make and give and get presents but it's always something tiny. Also I think chocolate boxes are a waste of money because there's usually only a few flavours in there that are actually good. I want a 3 day weekend! Boo! x

  11. ahhhh how you know you're a canadian blogger, dropping the Ford reference ;) but no really, i am right there with you. ain't nobody got time for VD

  12. but dont you have a sweetie and you can show your love for him on that day. although i think you should show it 365 days of the year.

    Come join the hop and tell us how you and your significant other met. How you met your boyfriend, husband, fiance etc. http://pinkowl07.blogspot.com/2014/02/love-story-link-ups-2014.html

  13. I totally agree with you. We try to do things through the year to show how we feel about each other when it feels right for us not when it is expected.

    Our Family Day long weekend is this weekend! YAY!

  14. i told my retail job to schedule me that night so i can avoid it all. and not vomit. oh and also, we get monday off but for louis riel day so like high five on that one.

  15. I totally get what you're saying (and kind of agree), but I actually kind of like celebrating it! We always just do something small, but it's still something I look forward to every year.

  16. What is family day? I want that!!!! And of course I like any occasion where I get candy LOL

  17. Nice! There's another blog called, "Life Like Mine" and I always get you two mixed up. I was really confused by the Rob Ford reference and then the mention of Ontario because she's from South Africa. Man, how long does it take me to clue in that it's YOU.. my fellow Canadian living in T.O.!! DUH!
    Rob and I don't usually do anything too big. But we celebrate. I like to get him a six pack of beer with some chocolate, or something small. I'm Suuuuuuuper pumped that we get a long weekend AND that it's on Friday! How perfect.

  18. ha agree that if we have to work, it's not a holiday. I don't think we're celebrating this year - it's expensive and going out to dinner that night is the worst!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  19. ok i like v day. now maybe that is weird because I have seen so many posts about hating it but i like the idea of sharing love! whoever it's with!

  20. I don't do V-day either. Just spending money I don't have no thank you!

  21. Thanks for the shout-out, boo! :)
    I'm with you on the "holiday" thing. If it was a holiday I would mayyyyybe be able to get on board with it. But if I have to go into work... nuh-uh! And an iPad Air? Pffft. Yeah. Right.

  22. I'm just the same! Valentines is far too commercial. Great post!

    Yasmeen x

  23. I don't like to. I was diagnosed with cancer that day and thus I hate it. But my poor husband is determined to give that day happy memories and Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse. So he tries to make it extra special. And I feel obligated to participate in some way. Usually just buy him something small to pretend I care to celebrate.

  24. Bahahah loved this. We dont usually do anything special or really celebrate. This is the first one as a married couple though. So we're just going out to dinner.


  25. Lmao! Seriously, my other half and I have only really celebrated Valentine's day once. Our very first one together. That was over 8 years ago. Every year after that, it's just been another day. But, for some reason, this year I'm actually into it. Okay, not like going out of my way to buy an iPad or anything - but I have been making cards (okay, so far I only made one) to share since I'm "in the holiday spirit" and all.

    ♥ Duckie.

  26. Haha I can totally relate. I got the same email from Apple and another one from Coach with links to $400 messenger bags for my lovely valentine...ummm how about no, slow your roll I can't afford to drop hundreds of dollars for hallmark holidays? My fiancee and I usually go out to dinner and acknowledge that yes, we still love each other...but why should one feel like they need to prove it on this particular day by spending a million dollars?! (Okay slight exaggeration).

  27. I actually am a Valentine's fan! Just because I'm a fan of celebrating in general and if it weren't for Valentine's Day this week I would just be making up random holidays to amuse myself. And I don't think it has to involved spending a lot of money. My husband and I don't usually get each other gifts, but this year he's not working on Valentine's and I think we're either going to play paintball or going to get take out and eat lunch at our college where we first met. Nothing wrong with having some extra fun with your love, in my opinion!

  28. i love this! i have always said that every day should be filled with love...it is so a hallmark holiday! i admit, this year, i'm very excited about it...because we have a little valentine. steve and i usually stay in and make dinner and watch a movie. we got engaged the day after valentine's day, so we do think of it as a special week, but i feel like, "oh, yeah, so this one day let's be super romantic, but the others, ehh!" that's not how it should be! :)

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