Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014; this is the year for...

Happy New Year everyone! Am I the only one that feels weird being back at work on a Thursday?

Today, I had planned to do a recap of my New Years Eve, but when I started catching up on blogs, I noticed a lot of people wrote about their resolutions for this year. This inspired me to do my own list.

Like some of you, I'm not too keen on making a resolution list. Instead, here are my hopes for this year (I'm totally sort-of stealing this idea from Amanda).

circa. last new years (2012).
In 2014, I hope...

To bite my tongue more often. Cruel words never solve arguments. Even if they're only being said in self defence.

To think positively more often. Negativity doesn't do any good. 

That Andrew gets his dream job.

To take a course/go back to school.

To seriously figure out what I want in my future regarding my career and/or take on more responsibilities at my current job.

To take more control over my savings accounts and possibly look into stock options.

To go to the gym in the morning/at lunch time (instead of in the evening). 

To spend more time with my family. Particularly my brother. At ten, he's growing up so fast. I want to cherish every moment with him. 

To travel even more. Hawaii, Dominican and Australia are just a few that are still on my must-see travel list (along with a ton of others).

To make a 40 before 40 list.

To do a year in review post. I'll get to it. I swear!

Most importantly, I hope to stop doubting myself. I never fail to land on my feet and my hard work has always paid off. I can't forget this.


I still have a New Years Eve recap to get to, as well as more blogs to catch up on. But first, I should probably get some work done at the office!

What hopes do you have for 2014?


  1. I wish I wasn't back at work today. Especially because we got snow last night and the roads were NOT plowed AT ALL. boo. :( Good luck with your resolutions!

  2. These were great goals! Good luck with them! I loved your pics :)

  3. Last year I made an extremely detailed itemized list for my goals and this year, I'm just going to take it easy and keep working on the progress I made that began last year. I'm pretty content with where things are at so I just hope things keep getting better!

  4. I feel like our goals for this year are so similar! I want to spend more time with my family, and also be a nicer/better person in general. You're right - negativity gets nowhere!

    Have a great day back to work! :)

  5. P.S. that photo of you and Andrew is adorable.

  6. I hope to travel more this year too and work on my savings as well. these are great hopes for 2014!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  7. I love this list. Your first one, about biting your tongue more, is one that I should work on this year for sure!
    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  8. I am also back to work today! Yark. That list is amazing. A lot of positive things and are all manageable!

  9. That's a beautiful picture of you and Andrew! I love it!

  10. i need to learn to bite my tongue too! sometimes i just get a little spite-y with my response (especially with the bf). need to tone it down.

  11. i like this list a lot. makes me want to write one, cheers to 2014!

  12. First of all; that is so awesome that you blog at work.
    Your hopes are all good.. They are all about bettering yourself. I actually commend you for some of them because I'm still too afraid to challenge myself to find my career.. I have no idea what I want.. but I know I want something!
    Happy New Year! That picture of you and Andrew that you posted on Instagram is so good of you! You look fantastic!

  13. That's cool to read! good luck to bite your tongue! :)

  14. Such a great blog !! very nice!!!!!!!:)
    stunning post! i really love it!!!!
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  15. i love the idea of a 40 before 40!

  16. I hope we get to play together in 2014. Maybe replace play with a less creepy word.

  17. SO much yes to the first one- I really need to work on that as well! I'm sure 2013 will be a great year for both of us! And perpetual fingers crossed on Andrew's job front! xx

  18. Love the idea of posting hopes for the year ahead. You definitely nailed a few that I will be hoping for too. I need to bite my tongue, focus my savings better and believe in myself more too.

  19. i hope that one day i'll look out my window and see a plane waiting for me. just sayin' :D

    i love this list!! i definitely need to hold my tongue and go easy on the resting bitch face. esp at work :/

    Vodka and Soda

  20. Love your list! I really have to work on not doubting myself and being more positive this year as well

  21. I need to make a list like this or something for the new year lol. What a great list, good for you on wanting to go back to school!! And I hope Andrew gets his dream job too!!

  22. Those are some great hopes for the new year!! Happy 2014 to you and Andrew! I hope he gets his dream job too! My personal hopes are that I deliver a healthy baby and learn how to parent 2 kiddies...and lose the baby weight quickly-ish! ;)


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