Monday, 23 December 2013

Then it All Came Crashing Down

This was not a weekend for spending time outside. 

On Friday and Saturday it rained. But it was cold out. Instead of the rain turning into snow, it turned into freezing rain. By Sunday, the rain had stopped but it left everything outside frozen. I mean everything. Trees, the ground, cars, everything. Hundreds of thousands of people were left without power (I was lucky enough to not be one of those people). 

As I sat in my living room on Sunday afternoon, basking in the warmth of my heater, I could hear Misty barking from the bedroom where she had been napping. 

Wondering what she was barking at, I went to the bedroom to check on her. She was standing up on the bed, staring out the window, barking. I looked outside. 

"There's nothing there," I assured her. Weird. 

After her doing this one more time, I decided to go outside with her to investigate. 

Outside, tree branches were scattered all over the ground. 

As we started walking, I heard her growl lightly. I stopped in my tracks and looked around. 

Then I heard a creak.  

Then I saw it. 

The creaking turned into a loud sound and we watched as a tree snapped right in half directly across the street from us. It landed on an awning of an apartment building. 

Misty barked. 

I grabbed her, ran across the street and made sure no one was hurt. Everyone was fine. 

So that's why she had been barking, I thought. She could sense when a tree was going to break.

We walked around a little more, slowly with each step. The streets were quiet. Tree branches and trunks everywhere.

I feel bad for the person that owns that car

Misty investigating a fallen branch
The few people that were out were taking photos. Not of the fallen branches. But of the beauty that could be found around us.

The ice made the trees and plants look really pretty.

I got photo-pawed. It's like being photobombed. But with a paw.
I clearly snapped a few photos myself before hearing another tree break and deciding it was best for us to go inside.

A couple hours later, (after hours of flight delays) Andrew came home from Guyana! Misty was very happy to see him. I guess I was too.

Oh and at some point this weekend I made gluten-free brownies. I used ground almonds instead of flour. Yum!

I hope everyone had a safe and warm weekend!


  1. The ice makes everything look pretty, but kind of scary that all the branches were falling!

  2. What a smart girl!! Animals can sense things in ways humans cannot. It always amazes me!

  3. my inlaws JUST got their power back after over 24hrs of not having any. this morning when they got their power up, their house was 10C inside!!

    some of my other friends just lost power last night so our house is open for them. stay safe and warm!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. dannnng! that is crazy, freezing snow is the worst. stay warm!

  5. that's so scary!!! it really does make me appreciate my -35 because at least there's no ice! stay safe and warm this christmas

  6. ahh so scary! we had a tree fall over the summer and it was so scary. glad no one was hurt! (oh and when our tree fell, even though it made a huge noise, our dogs didn't even notice ha. useless.)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  7. That's insane! I'm so glad that you're okay! (And glad that Andrew is home:) ) xx

  8. omg!!! that's crazy!! all these pics make me chilly!

  9. I'm glad Andrew made it home! I heard all about the storm and all of the crazy delays in Toronto. Luckily we're all here in Thunder Bay, safe and sound now. No flight delays.. Just freezing my ass off!!!! WOWSERS, this island girl is not used to this weather.

  10. That reminds me of the famous Ice Storm of 1999 in the Ottawa-Gatineau region!! Glad to see that Andrew is home for Christmas! :)

  11. Omg cool!! Wow!! SO NEATO!!!

  12. That's crazy how Misty could sense that the tree was going to break! Glad everyone is OK, the branches are beautiful.


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