Monday, 16 December 2013

All the Snow

This weekend was cold and snowy! Let's get to the recap. 


I joined Andrew for a drink and appetizers with some of his friends. Later that night, his brother and I dropped him off at the airport where I shared a teary goodbye (okay, maybe I was the only one who was teary eyed). Andrew is now in Guyana and I miss him a lot. He should be home by Christmas though!

Google did this to this photo, on its own. Which is creepy. But I like it.
I woke up to tons and tons of snow. The snow did not deter Misty. In fact, she loved it.

After a long walk with her, I joined Jerome at his work holiday party.

There, we enjoyed saganaki.

And awesome food; Jerome had butter chicken for the first time ever (can you tell by my plate that I really, really like butter chicken?)!

We enjoyed some live entertainment and even danced with the show girls!

And, of course, we took silly photos together!


Misty really couldn't get enough of the snow.

This burger was terrible. Yuck.

After spending two hours outside with her, I spent time with a friend, who moved to Edmonton, and his girlfriend.

"I'm just going to bury myself in this snow, kay?"
 How was your weekend?


  1. Aw sounds like such a fun weekend! I'm pretty sure this is the second time I've seen live showgirls mentioned in on your blog - is it the same office? Haha

  2. I love photo booths! Every time we see one we stop for silly pictures.

  3. photobooths are so much fun! everytime i go to an event and they have one there, i hog it the whole time; so much so that the person has to kick me out so others can have a turn. #lamebitches.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. oh my gosh - love how much misty loved the snow, so funny. and fingers crossed that Andrew is home by Christmas!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. the food looks good but that could be b/c i havent ate since 12 am on Sunday. sucks but i'm having a proedure done today. not fun.

    Hey. Come check this new post out.

  6. All that snow is gorgeous! Such a foreign concept to us in the south, haha. Looks like so much fun!

  7. When my hubby is away for short periods there is no tears in my eyes lol! Really enjoy it when he is away... I can do and eat whatever I want!

  8. My doggy is loving the snow too! There's nothing cuter.

  9. Well, that's kind of neat that google did that to that looks cool.

  10. Misty is too cute in the snow!! Pippa always thinks she likes it and then freaks out because it's so cold. She's done in minutes!

  11. You are so incredibly photogenic! And that good looks delicious! Why's Andrew going to Guyana? (I'm sure you've mentioned but I've stupidly missed it:( ) x

  12. Whoa, what a cool Christmas party! And I am jealous of the snow. For a while it felt kind of like winter here, but then it got to like 75 degrees yesterday! Boo. Have a great week!
    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  13. The fact that google did that IS creepy! And how cute is your puppy rolling in the snow?!

  14. Old Roo loves the snow too. Like, mega loves. What parks do you take misty to? It was too cold and I'm too lazy to have taken her for a long romp but her dog walker will run her ragged this week.

    Where is that barf burger from so I can make sure to avoid it?

  15. That picture with Misty in the snow is so cool! We are mentally preparing ourselves for Ontario weather.. We'll be in Thunder Bay on Wednesday..! And it's much much much colder there than it is here!!

    1. That comment was from me- Haley, not Rob. He was still signed into the google account.

  16. Such a fun weekend. Google started doing stuff like that to my photos too. It is creepy and cool. lol

  17. i love the photobooth pictures. you two are absolutely adorable.


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