Thursday, 31 October 2013

October 2013 Ipsy Review: Art of Beauty

*Apologies for being a little late with posting this and for skipping September's review. We'll blame it on the fact that I didn't have Internet for a month.

What do you get when you sign up with Ipsy?

For $10 a month (plus shipping for some; $4.95 for me), subscribers receive a Glam Bag with samples and full-sized beauty products which are unique to them and the profile they filled out when they signed up! You don't know what you're getting ahead of time. The only thing you know is that it follows a theme. This month's theme was Art of Beauty.

What I got:

La Fresh
Oil-Free Face Cleanser

Cost: 30 wipes is $9.99. There were only 10 in this which makes this only worth about $3.50

Thoughts: I actually really liked these wipes. They worked well and didn't make me break out. They smelled nice too!

Sexy Hair
Blow Dry Gel


Thoughts: I felt like this actually did make my hair thicker. My only problem is that I'm really lazy and I hate trying to blow dry my hair straight. I always end up having to using a flat iron after because I did such a poor job. Because of that, I wouldn't buy this. But, I love the brand!

Nourish Organic
Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argan Body Lotion
30 ml

Cost: $3.00

Thoughts: I hated this. Actually hated. The smell was way too strong! I had to wash it off my hands right away. I tried to pawn the lotion off to someone else but no one else I could find wanted it because of the scent.

Full-On Lip Polish in Dolly

Cost: $7.00

Thoughts: Loved this! It stayed on my lips for a long time and it felt great! I don't think the packaging is necessary though. It's a useless manufacturing cost and it just gets thrown out.

Nail polish

Colour: Giovanna

Cost: $8.00

Thoughts: I really like Zoya but I was not a fan of this colour. I received green polish in a previous Ipsy bag and I almost never use it. This went on well and didn't chip easily but taking it off was another story. I don't know if this was a function of my nail polish remover or a function of the polish but when I went to take it off, the polish stained my fingers! For the life of me, I couldn't get it off. I ended up having to soak my hands in bleach! I'm definitely not touching this polish again. 

The whole Glam Bag, with the bag!

Overall, I'm a bit disappointed with this Ipsy bag. Although I really liked the brands, there are few things in here I just won't use again (the Sexy Hair and the Zoya nail polish). It's also disappointing that I had to throw something out (the hand cream). At least I loved the lip gloss!

Hopefully November's will be better!

Total cost of contents of bag: $29.45
How much I paid: $14.95
Savings: $14.50

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  1. i love that color! face wipes are the best. i use Kaia naturals (organic).
    happy halloween!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I always have to straighten my hair when I blow dry it. My hair is naturally straight...but the blow dryer makes it a little frizzy so I straighten it to get rid of the frizz.

  3. Just a tip (and maybe you did do this), when you apply coloured nail polish always use a clear basecoat! keeps the colour from staining your nails.

  4. I love that nail polish color! x

  5. I just hate blow drying or doing anythign with my hair in general. but that stuff looks interesting!

  6. I love big sexy hair but I've never tried that product! It seems like everyone has given it good reviews!

  7. I got a deep blue nail polish in my bag. I like your color a lot better!

  8. I can't wait to start getting mine! hopefully, soon! :)


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