Monday, 16 September 2013

"You Sound Sick"

Co-worker: "You sound sick."
Me: "No, I'm just tired."

That's how my first conversation of the morning began.

As I'm sure you could have guessed, this weekend was spent moving and putting together Ikea furniture.

Misty and Theresa unimpressed at how difficult Ikea makes things
On Friday night, Theresa and her boyfriend came over to help us. What should have been a simple TV bench took absolutely way too long to put together. Maybe it was the beer. Or that it was late at night. Or that there were too many people offering suggestions on how to read those impossible instructions. Either way, the TV bench didn't get completed that night.

"We can put this bench together, Misty! I believe in us!"
On Saturday, after a good nights sleep, I decided I'd try to finish the TV bench myself, while Andrew was at work.

Success! I did it!

I then moved onto the bookshelves, which I thought I had put together successfully. Until Andrew came over and pointed out that I put one of the shelves together backwards. Opps.

We spent the rest of the night working together, to complete our living room. I'm happy to say that the living room has officially been put together!

Our new living room!
Complete with a sofa bed!
I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

Sunday was spent sleeping in. We then started moving some of our things, such as clothes, washroom stuff (shampoo, my endless amount of makeup and hair products, etc) and our mattress in from the old place to the new one.

Of course, it started raining, we were tired, and Andrew had things to do to prepare for his shift in the morning, so we didn't get to move everything in. We still have lots to do and I'm exhausted thinking about it.

For some reason, my thighs are killing me too and I'm walking like I need a cane.

I already know that it'll all be worth it when the move is complete though. I just can't wait until it is!

How was your weekend?


  1. i LOVE your living room...what an awesome (and huge) piece of furniture! it's sharp! congratulations on putting the bench together...i am HORRIBLE with instructions...especially, horrible instructions. ;)
    wishing you lots of luck this week, alex. <3<3<3

  2. love it! it was definitely the beer and the fact that sometimes, ikea instructions aren't too clear!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I think it looks really great! Also I really like your livingroom floor. Is that weird? xx

  4. The living room turned out great, I love the sofa! What gorgeous lighting you have in there too, can't wait to see more!

  5. Your living room looks gorgeous! Well done to you guys :)

    Kate | Diaries of an Essex Girl

  6. I have that exact tv bench. I've never cursed so much in my life putting it together.

    I do love it though! Looks great with your bookshelves!

  7. I love the new living room and it looks like yall have a great view! I feel your pain about putting the furniture together! Ugh such a pain but worth it in the end. Get some rest tonight!

  8. Love the new living room! It looks so cozy!

  9. Your living room looks great! I love the tv stand and shelving all around it. Looks like a lot of space for books..! You a big reader!? I love reading and books, but recently got a Kindle and LOVE IT. Anywhoo- Ikea is a bitch, isn't it!?! Their slogan should be; GREAT furniture, impossible instructions!

  10. I seriously love the picture of you and Misty. So so adorable. :D And the living room is awesome! I love the black furniture. That's my color of choice for whenever I get to buy all new stuff for my future home, haha. I think it makes it look more sophisticated in a way? Maybe that's not the right word but, whatevs. Hahah.
    And seriously, I really dislike when people mention how bad I look/sound. "Hey, are you sick or something?" "No...I just look like crap today, obviously." Hahaha.

  11. everything seems like a good idea when in an ikea store and after the memory of how painful putting together their stuff is starts to fade. your room looks great though!

  12. Aren't Ikea instructions the worst? I can't tell you how many times I've assembled Ikea furniture backwards/upside down! So frustrating! Your finished product looks so awesome though!


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