Monday, 12 August 2013

We Danced All Night to the Best Song Ever

I enjoyed a quiet week at the office last week, as pretty much everyone was on vacation. This week? Pretty much everyone is back. Time for me to actually do some work! But first? Weekend recap!


On Friday, Theresa and I did exactly what the title of this post suggests.

That's right, we have no shame in admitting that we like One Direction and that we're really 14-year-old girls trapped in an adults body.

Truth: we may have successfully learned the dance moves to all of their songs.

Do you get to see the video of us dancing to them?

Absolutely not.


Toronto has an absolutely lovely market place. On Saturdays, farmers from all over Ontario come to sell their fresh produce.

Despite being together for over four years, Andrew and I had never been there together. After seeing the market in Vancouver, I told him we had to go here - so we did!

A random shot of inside the market
We brought home some really nice meats, fruits and veggies and now all I want to do is have a BBQ (we'll ignore the fact that I live in an apartment building with no balcony therefore have no way of purchasing a BBQ).

That night, we met up with Jerome for Taste of the Danforth.

The Danforth is an area in Toronto that has some of the best Greek restaurants you'll ever find. "Taste of the Danforth" is an event that happens every year, where the restaurants come together and serve their food at cheaper prices.

I'll sum up our experience by saying that the Danforth was packed and way too busy for our liking. For Jerome and I, it was our first time going... and it'll probably be our last.


Theresa and I spent way too many hours hiking/walking on Sunday (which may have partially been my fault) so we rewarded ourselves with a drink at the bar.

Thinking about it, I didn't do much this weekend. So why did it go by so quickly?

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  1. You are always talking about eating amazing sounding food, and it gives me restaurant envy! I really want to have a bbq as well, but we have the same problem that you do. xx

  2. I love farmer's markets, their produce is the best! The "Taste of Danforth" sounds like a great concept, though like you said, I'm sure it gets crazy! That's awesome restaurants have events like that there.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend!! It sucks not having a grill when living in an apartment. Find a friend with a grill :)

  4. ahhh! i wanted to go to taste but our weekend was already jammed packed!! st. Lawrence market is so awesome!!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Where did you get your meat from? Let me know how it was. I was thinking of getting some when I was there but I was so overwhelmed with all the options!

  6. whenever one direction is on the radio while I'm driving I always have an impromptu dance party. I mean how could I not?

  7. your weekends are always so full of great fun and amazing food and drinks. i always want a cocktail after reading your posts...that sounds bad, haha, but you know what i mean. ;)
    i like one direction, too. :)
    glad it was a good one! sending love your way, alex! xoxox


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