Thursday, 22 August 2013

This Will Make Your Stomach Turn (food found at the CNE)

Here in Toronto, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is a must. It runs though the last two weeks of summer (this year it's from Aug 16-Sept 2), which is a good indication to Torontonians that summer is ending!

In case you're wondering what the CNE is, it's a large fair that includes concerts, celebrity chef demonstrations, shows (airshows, dog shows, etc), midway games and rides and even shopping. It attracts a whopping 1.3 million people a year!

Andrew and I at the CNE last year
One thing the CNE is known for around these parts is their wacky food.

Ice cream and waffles - that's not wacky!
Last year, the big hit was a Deep Fried Mars bar, which for some gross reason, Andrew, and our friend Jerome, tried. Ew. (They both said it was delicious. Despite a stomach ache afterwards.)

Here's what they're serving this year (some of these were served last year as well):

If you're hungry now, you might not be after reading this.

Deep Fried Butter

The picture doesn't make it look too bad, but that's butter people. That's been deep fried. You couldn't pay me to try that.

The All-Bacon Canuck Burger

Apparently, Canadians really like their bacon. As taken from the Toronto Star, this burger has "peameal, crisp bacon strips and two ground bacon patties, [and] is part of Baconation's 7,500 calorie meal dubbed the Notorious P.I.G Combo" (source).

7,500 calories?! That's a heart attack waiting to happen.

Pulled Pork and Red Velvet Pancakes

Want some protein with your pancakes? How about some pulled pork placed between three giant red velvet pancakes. Don't forget the Jack Daniels infused syrup!

Spiced Cream Cone

Every fair needs ice cream! This one though? Um, I'm not too sure I'm down with this: vanilla ice cream with nutella, chili, bacon (again, Canadians and bacon), wrapped in a.. pizza cone?!
I'll pass.

Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Mars Bar

Remember that deep fried Mars bar I told you that Andrew and Jerome tried? Well how about that, wrapped in bacon?

Cronut Burger

This is the mother load.

You've heard of a Cronut, right? It's basically a croissant and doughnut hybrid. Now, how about having that as a bun on your cheeseburger? It's also topped with maple bacon jam and it'll cost you $10. Oh, and don't forget that it's deep fried!

The only problem? It's being blamed for at least a dozen people getting ill after eating foods (particularly this one) at the CNE. Toronto Public Health has shutdown the food stand for further inspection (source).

Honestly though? Anyone willing to eat that many calories in one sitting should be willing to pay the price of a horrendous stomach ache afterward.

Special mentions (some of which I'd be willing to try):

  • Sweet potato fries topped with Nutella
  • Hazelnut chocolate gelato in a brioche bun
  • Lasagna with smoked beef brisket
  • Bacon and peanut butter milkshake
  • Rice balls: Vegetarian and meat-stuffed topped with marinara sauce 
  • ---

    Would you try any of the above?  

    Big thanks to these sites, in which I got my inspiration from:, The Toronto Star, and The Huffington Post


    1. NEVER. not only because it doesn't appeal to me at all but mixing sweets with meat is bleh!

      and i heard that e.coli is to blame for getting all those people sick

      Vodka and Soda

    2. Oh man, I love me some food, but this stuff yikes! That cronut burger made my stomach turn. You guys look great!

    3. It amazes me what people think to deep fry and sell at fairs. As a food scientist, I'm very leery about eating food from those sorts of vendors.

    4. I would never in my right mind EVER try "Fried Butter". Lol that's just gross!!

    5. Why is fair food always so weird? Most of the deep fried butter dipped in sugar stuck on a stick stuff doesn't appeal to me so I stay away. BUT I will always love fair corndogs!! And last year I had chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. That was good, haha.

    6. I'm drooling reading this!! My friend is touring with Disney in China and was posting pictures of cronuts. Neeeeed to try all this deliciousness.

    7. Your fair sounds like one they have in Massachusetts every year in September, called the Big E. It's so fun! My favorite part of the whole fair is that they have building turned into each New England state. Every state has everything and anything that would represent them. Anyway, this food no thanks. Although, have you seen the show Cupcake Wars? I dont even know if they play it where you live but if you havent you should find it! The first round has an inspiration table. So depending on the theme of the day they have food relating to it. Sometimes it's gross! We went to a fall fest last year and tried deep fried oreos. they were way sweet but good!

    8. I would 100% eat hazelnut gelato in brioche. Does that make me gross? xx

    9. The only one I think I would try is the sweet potato fries topped with nutella. All the other ones...who even comes up with this stuff?!!?!? My goodness. Bacon is not my favorite at all, so none of those sound good. Hahaha, wow. I just can't get over the weirdness of those foods.

    10. Epic Burger (the place that sells the Cronut Burg) really needs to change their name. It's not so epic afterall haha!

    11. Ahhh some of those seem so strange! What on earth is the point of deep-fried butter? That just sounds all-around wrong. Your picks I would be willing to try though, especially the hazelnut chocolate gelato!

    12. FUN! Love all that food... I can't resist at fairs. So much variety I wouldn't try anywhere else ;).

    13. Well my stomach just growled some more ha!! Why don't I live closer to you so I can go to all this fun stuff with y'all?? Y'all always have so much fun, jealous!

    14. ummmm, hahaha! the deep fried butter! ahh! ok, some of them sound amazing. like the sweet potato fries and nutella. and i would try the cronut. and the spiced ice cream!
      what a fun and interesting fair. i love fairs!
      your photos are so much fun! <3<3<3


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