Friday, 23 August 2013

Right There

With our move in a couple of weeks, and my desire to buy way too much furniture, I really need to cut down on my spending. Which means that there's a good chance that this beautiful weekend will be spent doing nothing in lieu of saving money. It'll all be worth it when I'm relaxing on my new sectional. In case you're wondering, I've got my eye set on this bad boy.

Moving on (is that an unintentional pun or has my coffee not set in yet?), my top five for this week:

one. That goofy looking furball makes me incredibly happy. I just wish I could see her more often!
two. I made potato and leek soup this week and it was so freaken good! I may have cried while chopping up the leeks, but it was worth it.
three. My employer/one of my bosses/someone I work with took myself and a co-worker out for an overdue lunch. We'd been waiting a year for this lunch. It was worth the wait!
four. My first attempt at a kale smoothie. It wasn't too bad!
five. Last night was one of those nights where I just wanted to go home and do nothing. Instead, that (the bottom right hand corner picture) happened. I'll admit it: I had a good time. But dang, am I tired now.

Now let's #backthatazzup with the girl who I swear sounds like Mariah Carey. I love her voice!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.pngxoxo Rebecca


  1. Goodness, I guess I'm so behind. Moving?! Awesome!!! I'm pretty sure that Brian will have to take away my credit cards when we buy a house. I've been wanting to try making smoothies but havent got around to finding some recipes!

  2. as much as i hate to admit it, ikea has some nice stuff on the cheap; like shelves an storage etc.

    when we first moved, i also went out TO THE DOLLAR STORE and bought my dishes/cups there -- for $1 each (plain white), how can you not??

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Love the sectional! Definitely worth staying in this weekend. I've always wanted to try making smoothies, but I'm scared I would fail miserably.

  4. i love that the kale smoothie is in a wine glass haha :)

  5. I love how that couch has storage built in. I hate my couch right now. I got it right out of school about 5 years ago. It's from the Brick which you would think would be semi ok but it's falling apart. I can't justify buying one now so I will live through you and your sofa / furniture spree that's upcoming! woohoo!

  6. I feel you on the saving money thing, I've been resisting the temptation to buy fall clothes before I get my car (I know I've been saying that for a while...haha but it's happening soon!). I love homemade soup - it's the best! Do you have a good recipe for the kale smoothie? I'm not in love with the one I've tried before.

  7. mmm. what what did you put in the smoothie? I love trying new green drinks. I tried a black bean burger the other day instead of normal burger. I had to pat myself on the back for making a healthy decision. and it tasted pretty good too.

  8. i am needing to cut sown on my spending too. my vice is clothes, which is totally pointless bc i wear scrubs all day. i sure love that sweet pup of yours! and french fries. i really love french fries.

  9. yum to the leek soup and mussels! steve and i could eat a million mussels! they are so addicting!
    i love the sectional you have your eye on - happy shopping! :)


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