Wednesday, 28 August 2013

That Time I... Moved Out

Growing up, I was your typical rebellious teenager, hellbent on escaping the confines of my fathers home. I constantly vowed that the day I turned 18, I would move out and rule the world.

Me as a rebellious 19-year-old;
I was already double fisting and showing too much of my bra.

Despite being rebellious, loud-mouthed and ignorant of how good I had it, I was intelligent enough to know that moving out was expensive and I should probably save up for it. So, I did just that.

I worked a number of part-time jobs, but by 18, I still hadn't saved up enough to live alone. I decided I'd do my last year of high-school part time, in order to spend more time working.

At 20-years-old, and the start of my second year of University, I finally made the move!

A friend of mine, who was living on her own in an apartment, mentioned that her neighbour had just moved out. We talked about how fun it would be if the two of us lived across from each other.

I mentioned it to my boss, who just happened to also be her superintendent.

He said if I was seriously interested, he'd give me a discount on the rent.


Just like that, I agreed.

That night, I went home and told my dad that I'd be moving out. His response was simple, "Can you afford it?" (My dad and I don't share emotions with each other. We're cool like that.)

I said I could and it was settled.

I then moved into an awesome 500-sq-foot bachelor apartment with a massive (and I mean massive) walk-in closet. The closest was speculated to be haunted because it made strange noises and had a window in the ceiling. I never could quite figure out the purpose of the window, particularly because I knew someone lived above me (who I could hear doing the nasty. Apparently, they could hear me watching basketball with friends, which led to them leaving me a rude note under my door, telling me that we're too loud. Which then led to me leaving them a rude note about them doing the nasty. It was a fun exchange, really; they clearly didn't like me).

But, at $700 a month, plus hydro (and almost an hour away from school) it wasn't practical.

At the same time, a group of my friends were living in a townhouse just outside of our campus. It was cheap. It was close to school. It was perfect. Except, there wasn't any room for me to move in. So, I room hunted in the area and decided to move into a townhouse close by.

That was the day I gained seven roommates.

But, that's another story.

Now go visit Emily at Inhabit Your Moments. Do it! Do it now!

(I apologise for the lack of pictures. Here's a tip: Never sell your laptop to anyone unless you've personally backed everything up first. Even if they promise to back up your pictures and documents for you, before they use it, don't listen to them. Even if they're your best friend, your boyfriend or your boyfriend's sister. You'll never see those pictures/documents ever again. Clearly, I learned the hard way.)


  1. I moved out when i went to college and i lived with 5 guys; they were cool but my mom was so scared that she made me install a lock on my bedroom door. that was the day i gained 10 roommates because they're girlfriends moved in!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I moved out when I went to college, and I've lived with 2 different boyfriends (at different times LOL). I've decided I want to live alone now. haha. I actually moved back to my dad's last year to pay off some student loans before I try tackling living alone.

  3. I just moved out at 20 (you already know this, ha) but I only have 2 roommates, I don't know how you lived with 7 people?? The walk in closet did sound pretty dang nice though considering mine is so small and I am used to having a big

  4. Doing the nasty...haha! I moved out at 18 to go to college and I was like you ...I couldn't wait!!! Being from a small town, I was ready to get out and live the adult life. I give you props for trying to live alone, that took some balls!

  5. Nice! Everyone has to have an apartment at one time or another where you can hearing someone going at it next door...and when you finally get to move into a quiet, wonderful apartment it is SO WORTH IT. :)

  6. Umm...why were you just as pretty at 18?! Did you ever have an awkward stage?! Seven roommates...I could never handle that....xx

  7. Seven roommates? I cannot wait to hear that story!

  8. Haha oh man that apartment sounds like it was in quite the building! I moved out when I was 17, to a basement apartment with my cat lol. Oh the things we are determined to do!

  9. SEVEN ROOMMATES?! I think I would die hahahahahaha


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