Monday, 19 August 2013

Every Good Weekend Starts with Food

This was another great weekend of food, friends and laughs.


One of my favourite places ever to eat at is called Spoon and Fork. It's an All You Can Taste (aka. Eat) Japanese Thai restaurant and it's absolutely delicious.

After stuffing our faces there, we went out to a bar and enjoyed dessert. I don't know how, considering we were so full.


On Saturday, I finally got rid of my split ends. That night, Andrew and I enjoyed a wonderful date night of go-karting and mini-golf.

My helmet was way too big for my little head and it jiggled the whole time I was driving. It even covered my eyes and some point! Still, go-karting was a blast.. although I'm still sore from it!

Andrew whooped my butt in mini-golf. As per usual.

We ended our date night with an amazing dinner at a new Indian restaurant by our house. It was so good! The service was also outstanding. We both agreed that we'll be back soon!


We bought a brand new eight-piece bedroom set, which I'm so excited for! Why? Because in three weeks, we're moving to a one-bedroom! We currently live in a bachelor apartment together (it's an apartment with no rooms) so the bedroom (although small) will be a welcome change.

We enjoyed a relaxing evening playing Uno with a friend while I went on-and-on about our new place. Seriously, I'm so stinking excited!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. Hurray for more room! I love go-carting. And I am always jealous of all the delicious restaurants you eat at. xx

  2. food really is the key to anything being good. and go karting sounds like such a blast!

  3. You are just too cute missy! Go-karts and putt putt sounds like my idea of a perfect date!!

  4. YAY!! That is so exciting!! Can't wait to see pictures!! You had such a fun weekend!

  5. congrats on the new 1bdrm! and sounds like you guys had a great date night; you guys are so cute :)

    Vodka and Soda

  6. YAY for a one bedroom apartment! :D So excited for you!
    And LOVE the go karts! Looks like an amazing date night!

  7. Congrats on the move, that's so exciting! Can't wait to see pics of the new place! Go karting sounds like such a fun date idea, haha too bad about the helmet though.

  8. I think we've been to that Indian restaurant! Our friends from your area took us and it was deeeeelish. The server was nice too.

  9. Oh I think I need to try that restaurant. It's a bit far from me but will make for a fun adventure :) Yay to moving to a bigger place as well!

  10. Ooo so exciting that you get to move girl! Must mean things are going very well. Happy for you :)

  11. love the title of this post! ain't that the truth! :)
    go-karting looks like so much fun! steve just went for a bachelor party the other weekend and loved it!


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