Wednesday, 22 May 2013

That Time I... Went White Water Rafting

...and survived! As promised, I present you with all the awesome details of our White Water Rafting trip with Wilderness Tours (which I have to say is an amazing company!!).

But first, make sure you head over to the lovely Emily's blog to read her That Time I post!

To make it easy, I've marked where we were all sitting in our raft
Our rafting trip started on a cold, rainy day. I was extremely grateful for the wetsuit we were wearing; especially because that water was cold!

Despite how cold the water was, Andrew and Raymond started the trip off by jumping off the raft and into the water. Brave boys!

They say a picture says a thousand words, so here's more pictures and less talking!

And this is where things start to get rough...

As I struggled to get my balance...

Savio starts falling off the boat...

Hey, where's your shoe?
Does a back flip...

Into the water! 

The guide tried to rescue him, but the rapid took him under. As our raft kept going (it took some of us a while to figure out what happened), the rest of the guides sprung into action, ready to help Savio out the water. Their teamwork was unbelievable and they did an amazing job of getting Savio to safety. Although the whole process only lasted a minute or two, we were all on edge, hoping Savio was okay. 

When they pulled him into the boat, he was out of breathe and couldn't say much. He took it like a champ though and we had a great lunch on shore of soup, burgers and sausages. We got back into the boat, (successfully) fought one more rapid, then paddled back to the shore we started at. 

When we got on the bus, (that took us back to our resort) we were cold, soaking wet, and mud filled our water shoes (well not Savio's, since he lost both of his). We all reminisced about what an amazing experience the whole thing was. 

Would we do it again? 


Even Savio.

Back on shore; ready for lunch!


  1. Oh my goodness that IS scary!! I would probably be the one to fall out of the boat hahaha. Glad he was okay and back in the boat pretty quickly!! And I am glad you had fun!

  2. That's crazy... But sounds like a ton of fun. I can't even imagine the adrenaline rush!

  3. Oh my goodness that sounds like it was an exciting experience! Looks like it was an awesome time, you guys are such adventurers!

  4. That sounds exciting and scary! I'm glad y'all had fun and that Savio is okay!!

  5. This looks like so much fun! So jealous you got to do this!

  6. What a wild ride!! So glad yall had fun and your friend was ok!
    It wasn't me who fell out when I went rafting. It was a friend of mine and it was so tramatic watching it all go down. I'm sure you can relate. Crazy!

  7. Such a rush! My goodness this looks like so much fun. In the Bahamas there's a water ride thing called the rapids. We sit on tubs and basically have to beat the waves, kind of like this. Theres one point where its scary. The waves and water are just rushing at you and you're getting pushed from one spot to another. A few people fell off while we were there! Crazy! Glad you had fun!

  8. What an awesome makes me want to go sometime! Ahh, I admit I laughed at the lost shoe photo and caption! The photos are great that you will always have them to look back on.
    Have a nice night, Alex!

  9. OMG this looks like so much fun! I think I need to do this one day!!


  10. What great pictures! I am so glad you had such a great time!

  11. Wow thats impressive. Brilliant photos =) I have clicked to fallow you , I sure will be coming back for more read =)

  12. Gah just looking at these almost made me hyperventilate! lol One of my worst fears is drowning, so I could never do something like that, but I admire people who can! The pictures are great - how cool that it's documented for you.
    BTW, I was wondering...until/if you decide to open up That Time I... to everyone with a Linky, would you mind if I used the idea on my own blog? I'd give credit every week to you and Emily and link back to you. If not I completely understand, but I wanted to ask rather than just stealing the idea! ;-)

    ~Marie @ Lost and Found ~ Reflections of a Daydreamer


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