Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Outhouses, Wild Rapids and Fireworks

After a long weekend of white water rafting, sleeping in a huge tent and unfortunately, having to use an outhouse, I'm back to work; wishing I was sleeping instead.

I don't have time to post much about my weekend at the moment, so be forewarned that you're about to be bombarded with pictures!


Andrew and I en route to Otttawa
On Saturday, myself, Andrew, his brother, Raymond and our friend Savio headed up to Ottawa. It was a long, six hour drive. 

Me and Andrew's brother, Ray
We made mandatory picture pit stops along the way.

 We came across this little farm that was selling fresh pies.

It was strictly an honour system: You take what you want from the fridge and you pay for it in the box next to it.

We got these cute little heart shaped tarts that were really good!

 After what felt like days of driving, we finally made it to the resort! We had dinner and set up our giant tent, which was crowned the Taj Mahal of tents.

We finished the night off with some drinks around a communal fire, where we got to know our fellow campers. I then spent the night freezing in our tent and really wished we were still by that fire. 


Sunday was our big white water rafting day. There's a lot to say about what happened on our trip, so I'm going to save it for tomorrow's That Time I

The picture above is a preview our trip. Yes, that's our boat. And yes, the person who is flipped upside down and falling into the water is someone in our group. You'll have to come back tomorrow to find out who it is!


Monday was our Victoria Day, which meant I had the day off work. We drove back to Toronto, taking a scenic route. It was beautiful, passing tons of trees along the way.

The route got us to Toronto much faster than we expected, so we stopped off at a Red Lobster to meet up with friends and have dinner.

Which was followed by a walk along the boardwalk and drinks on the patio. 

Of course, no holiday is complete without fireworks.

The perfect end to an amazing weekend!

How was your weekend?


  1. Your trip looks like so much fun! I love camping. I've been white water rafting once and it was really fun! Can't wait to hear more about it tomorrow :)

  2. Looks like you had an amazing trip!! I hope that wasn't you or the hubby falling out of the raft!! Can't wait to read all about it tomorrow! Get some sleep tonight and rest up :)

  3. I feel like you've been missing!! I'm glad your back :) Perfect weekend. Camping was something we loved doing when I was younger. Fire, toasting marshmallows....perfect! I actually havent been white water rafting. I would love to though. I love Red Lobster, yum!!!

  4. love trips.....love your blog...

    pop over to my blog ....take a peek.....

    love to follow one another....

    loves emma x

  5. Ah girl! That looks like an amazing weekend :)

  6. Looks like a great weekend. I love white water rafting, i did it when i was in Canada last year, was one of the best things i done.

  7. Aww, Alex! It looks like a wonderful weekend. Ahh, I hope whoever fell into the water is ok. I woul so be the one falling in. Lol. Yum to the seafood pasta! I can't wait to read your next post! Xoxo
    Have a sweet night!

  8. Glad you had a good weekend, sorry it was cold that night in your tint. I can't sleep when I am cold!! Can't wait to read more about the trip tomorrow!!!!

  9. Picture stops are definitely mandatory! :) & I love that y'all found that little place that sells fresh pies!! So cute! & I'm jealous y'all went white water rafting... sounds fun but scary! Sorry it was cold though, it was cold when we went camping like a month ago... No bueno!


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