Friday, 31 May 2013

I Recognized Him By His Butt

I'll be honest. I know nothing about sports. I suck at them too. I was the one in school who got picked last for teams. Unless we're talking about running. I kicked butt at that and won a few cross country competitions.

So when Sarah wanted to do a Fan Friday link-up about sports, I cursed her under my breath thought I was screwed. But, I like Sarah and I'm all about jumping on bandwagons, so today I give you the story of how I almost talked to the love of my life, Anthony Parker.

What! You almost talked to Tony Parker? Eva Longoria's ex-husband?! 

No, not Tony Parker. Anthony Parker!

Who the hell is that?

This guy:

Okay, I'll admit I don't still have the same fan-boy crush that I did on him when he was a Toronto Raptor, but when I did have a crush on him, it was huge!

At the time, I worked at the Air Canada Center (it's where your hockey and basketball teams come to kick our ass), in the sports store and was almost religiously into basketball. This is back when the Raptors were actually making it into the first round of the playoffs (see what I mean about jumping on bandwagons?).

I worked every shift that the Raptors were playing. Getting paid to watch the game was like a dream. I suppose I was should have been helping customers or something, but I really couldn't be bothered to. Not while my future husband was making three-pointers anyway.

So how did I almost talk to him?

Our lockers were on the top floor of the ACC. That's the same place where the Raptors practice court is. So, one day, I'm getting out of the elevator to go to my locker and who do I see walking towards the practice court? That's right? Parker! My mouth dropped. I was so excited. I was ready to yell out his name and get his attention, but I just stood there frozen with excitement until he disappeared into the court. I felt like an idiot.

Don't feel bad for me though.

As I was getting out of the elevator another day, Mo Pete (also a former Toronto Raptor) was about to get in. He saw me, stopped, smiled and said hi. I turned around. There was no behind me. Was he really saying hi to me?? I looked at him strangely. "Yeah, hi you." He said again to me. I think I made a squeaking noise, said hi back and skipped off.

Also, Bargnani held the elevator door open for me once.

Clearly, I was all buddy-buddy with the sports players.

Oh and how did I know it was Parker? After all, he was walking in front of me and I didn't see his face.

I recognized him by his butt.

Venus Trapped in Mars

And for #backthatazzup Friday

Die Young by Kesha on Grooveshark

"Let's make the most of the night, like we're going to die young."


  1. Lucky enough , I recently fell in love with an athlete & guess what , he's John Cena . I stray away from fights but he's just the guy ,
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Bahahaha. This is awesome. What a cool job to have!

  3. First of all, you need to remove the sentence that says you know nothing about sports. You just name dropped like it was your job. Second... holy cow he is attractive (as is his butt I'm sure). Loved this post! Thanks for linking up, girlfriend!

  4. Bahaha Alex this made me laugh out loud! I'm not ashamed to admit that there are a few people (athletes or otherwise) I could probably recognize by their butt as well. Sounds like that was a fun place to work while you were there!

  5. That job definitely had it's perks!!

  6. HA! He is definitely a hottie. And what an awesome job!

  7. Haha nothin' better than a nice firm badonkadonk...on a man! Haha!


    Please come by and join me and link up with me on my blog. Would love to see you come by. and share my button so your friends can stop by.

  9. haha, too funny! nothing better than a super cute man booty :)

  10. He is a cutie! hahaha! Funny thing is... I tend to recognize cuties by their booties too :). New fan from Linkin with My Ladies! I wanted to invite you to my blog party going on till Monday night. Stop by and meet wonderful bloggers like yourself. Have an awesome weekend!

    The Wondering Brain


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