Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Travel Tuesday: Our First Vacation Together

Today, I'm linking up with Helene, for the first time, for Travel Tuesday.

Four months into our relationship, Andrew and I decided that it would be a great idea to take a one-week all inclusive vacation together. Neither of us had been on an all-inclusive vacation before, we were stressed out from summer school and needed a break. A getaway. A cheap one Something under $1000 (note to self: certain trips should not be booked last minute. They double in price when you do). So on a whim, we booked a trip to Varadero, Cuba!

Despite our friends calling us crazy ("You're going away together already?! You realise you've only been together for four months, right?!") we had an amazing time! That vacation is one of my best memories and I wouldn't trade that one week for anything!

Let's recap it with pictures (I'll try not to overdo it. No promises)!

Andrew's all-time favourite photo of me
We can't start any vacation together without including a plane in it (remember, Andrew is a pilot). When we landed in Cuba, Andrew made small talk with the pilots, who then invited us in the cockpit. What a great start to the vacation!

Flying comes naturally to Andrew
Of course, Andrew had to sit in the cockpit too!

The view from the stairs on the way to our room.
After a long bus ride from the airport, we eventually reached our resort.

We were on the top floor and were we ever shocked when we got to our room. The resort upgraded us to a suite! We had two rooms, with a TV in each one, two balconies, a bar and a mini fridge!

For the record, I did not actually smoke that cigar.
The rum and cigar were a gift to us from the resort too! And that was the view from our room! Waking up to the beach everyday was amazing!

Part of the second room!
Here's what else we enjoyed:

So excited to get to the beach.
Despite the all the rocks and shells, we enjoyed the beach.

I miss my tan..
And enjoyed our room! (I may have mentioned that..)

I like stretching, apparently.
 We also enjoyed the sunsets.

We enjoyed the buffet, but we also enjoyed the dinners that were included.

 We definitely enjoyed the drinks.

All we can drink? Yes, please!
And the bar!
Yes, that is a kiddy pool.
Maybe we enjoyed the bar a little too much.

We sobered up enough to go on a bus tour and a bunch of excursions!

So pretty! 
Oh, and we enjoyed the towel designs that they left us every day.

At first I thought it said "love" but it says "bye"
That was until the last day.

We had such an amazing time! We also made such great friends with the people who worked at the resort that they actually begged us to stay! I really wished we could have, but we had to get back to reality.

Seriously; best. vacation. ever!

Pilar beach!
Oh and did I mention that we went back to Cuba three years later?

That's a story for another day.


  1. so jealous, i need to go to the beach right now! so pretty! and i do love that first photo of you!

  2. We went on our first trip together after about a month of dating. My husband moved cross country, so we made a road trip out of it. People def thought we were crazy then, and my mother was positive we were going to break up (specifically in North Dakota).

  3. I've always wanted to go to Cuba! And I think going on a trip is a great way together to know someone!

  4. I want to go to Cuba! If not just to say I went to Cuba lol! That's really awesome and it looks like ya'll had fun.

  5. How fun!! And you have blonde hair!! I wanna go to Cuba now!

  6. Sounds amazing! I love your blonde hair! I think I like the dark better but you pull both off!

  7. What a beautiful vacation! Wow, good for you guys jumping right in and taking a trip so soon. I always get a little offended when people put judgement on a relationship (even though it is with good intentions!) Obviously you guys knew what you were doing!

    The first thing I thought when I opened this post was "Alex is blonde?!" haha even though you have mentioned it before.

  8. Im so jealous! Course I shouldnt talk since we went to the Bahsmas. I have a feeling a vacation with you guys would be fun. And the hair...you look gorgeous. I like either one!

    Ah yes the airplane. We cant make it through a conversation without a mention of a plane.

    Did you get my responses yesterday? im saving the long email for later

  9. This looks amazing! So so so pretty. A week away with a loved one is SO perfect for recharging. Me and my man did the same thing by going to Canada! :)

  10. What an awesome vacation! I would love to go to Cuba!

  11. Cuba looks gorgeous!!! Wow! I have never been and honestly hasn't even been on my travel radar until now!! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  12. I've never done an inclusive trip and this one seems amazing. Andrew has good taste. That first picture of you is AMAZING! I love it. you really rock being blonde xxx

  13. Found you through the blog hop and love what I'm reading so far!!!
    Feel free to follow back!
    - Heather


  14. Oh my gosh that looks like such a beautiful place to visit! And I don't think y'all are crazy for going on vacation together so soon, I think it's super sweet!!

  15. Wow this place looks gorgeous!!

  16. I'm jealous of all the Canadians that are allowed to travel to Cuba! I think the fact that Americans are restricted from going only tempts me more! Looks like you had a great trip. :)


  17. Aw such beautiful pictures! Cuba is definitely on my list of places to visit!

  18. so so awesome that you went for it and went away at just four months. it's so fun to be spontaneous and live it up!
    i love the photos...i can tell just how much fun you're having together!!
    i miss being tan too. i'm thinking of getting one this summer. lol
    thanks for sharing :)

  19. All I can say is... JEALOUS! Seriously, I hate you.

  20. Looks beautiful and totally jealous!! hahaha The Hubs and I are saving up for a honeymoon this winter (it will be two years since we had gotten married). You and your boy look good together too!!

  21. This is completely awesome and not a bad idea to travel that early on. Sounds like it helped to get you where you are today! That first photo is pure joy!

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