Friday, 26 April 2013

H54F: A Week of Food

"I don't want to lose you now;
I'm looking right at the other half of me."
- Justin Timberlake; Mirrors
There's a quote that says, "The way to a mans heart is through his stomach." A postscript needs to be added to that which says And Alex's as it's certainly the way to mine. Fortunately, I'm happy to say that I had my share of enjoyable food this week.
one. My lovely other half, Andrew, has been making me this wonderful breakfast almost every morning. I can't even start to say how lucky I am to have a man that's going to wake up early to cook me eggs, (turkey) bacon and pancakes! He's the best.
two. My lunch at least a few times a week. A delicious salad from Pumpernickle's
three. I made Andrew's (new) favourite meal (I have to cook sometimes too. It's only fair): 
Peanut Thai Stir Fry with Chicken
four. I miss sleeping next to that furball; she's back with Andrew's mom now.
If you look closely, you'll see me beside Misty. 
five. I think I succeeded at making my hair wavy (and realised I need to start using sunless tanner again).

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Your hair is so pretty - did it take forever to make it wavy?

  2. I want to try his favorite meal. I figured it was some kind of delicious Thai! And your hair looks flawless. That's a great selfie too :)

  3. I thought that breakfast was from a diner, you have a good man there :) Your hair looks so pretty!

  4. your hair rocks girlfriend & all this food is making me hungry!

  5. All of that food looks delish! What a lucky girl you are to have a chef in the house = )
    stop by some time

  6. You need to teach me how to master this wavy hair thing, seriously! Another thing to put on our list. Stop teasing me with this food. I love salad and could eat them all the time. You've got a wonderful man, no doubt! I made waffles for Brian this morning. Cant go wrong with Waffles or pancakes! Sad face that Misty went back :(

  7. I totally agree with Jennifer's comment above. Your hair looks fantastic. And I'm getting massive food envy right now ... xx

  8. Love the food and love the hair!! You look fab!

  9. Turkey bacon is delicous! I almost like it better than regular bacon now (though there are times when you just have to have real bacon).

  10. That's so sweet that Andrew makes you breakfast every morning...lucky lady!!

    You are the wavy hair. Your eyes are so pretty!
    and yum to the thai food...I've been craving it! I hope you and your loves are having a wonderful weekend! Xoxox


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