Friday, 8 March 2013

TGIF - See You Soon MTL!

"We are shining stars,
We are invincible.
We are who we are,
On our darkest day.
When we're miles away.
So we'll come,
We will find our way home."
- Fun, Carry On
Happy Friday everyone! This is an exciting Friday for many as (for them) it's the last Friday before March/Spring Break! Which also means that work is pretty quiet for me today since most of my co-workers have taken today (and next week) off to be with their kids. Am I running rampant around the office today? Pretty much. I've got Fun blasting on my stereo and everyone's wonderful blogs to entertain me.

Due to an oversight on dates on some free bus tickets to Montreal Because Andrew I miss Chris so much, and we're sad that we didn't get to see Vic when Chris was here, we're headed to Montreal this weekend! The bus ride is 11 hours, yes that's right, 11 hours long and leaves at 12:45am tonight. So wish us luck in our moving bed!

In the spirit of Toronto's Batman, I share with you:

Batman's Night Out (aka. the YouTube video of Toronto's Batman) cracks me up.

Random girls: "Batman! Can we have a hug?"

Batman: "I'm not your mom and dad!"

Granted, some parts kind of the video are kind of inappropriate (like when Batman tells a little girl and her mom that his parents are dead), but it's fun nonetheless. You can watch the video here, if you're so inclined.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Woohoo! Have fun in Montreal!! I'll be here in Toronto.... doing homework. My life is so exciting. Are you jealous? Bring me back a shot glass! I seem to he collecting them even though we know I'm too lame to drink.

    Hope you bring a decent camera to Montreal so I don't have to look at your bloody Blackberry pictures ;)

  2. i hope you and andrew have a wonderful time in montreal! batman is crazy. :) i love that he's trying to imitate the real batman's voice - not bad. lol
    have a sweet one, alexandra! xoxo

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog! following you back now :)

  4. Oh my- what a fun adventure you have planned for this weekend! I'll hope that your moving bed is a comfy one! ...I would LOVE to visit Montreal one day! Hope you and Andrew have a great time!!


  5. I love the song! FUN rocks!!

    Add us in our facebook page

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