Friday, 1 March 2013

Please Excuse The Mess

"I don't want a kiss goodnight.
I just want to stay here forever."
- Tyler Shaw, Kiss Goodnight
As you may have noticed, I'm attempting to change the layout of my blog to make it look at least a little more presentable. I was super excited yesterday to discover that Etsy sells blog layouts! But, I'm also really, really cheap. Do I actually want to shell out $30 for something that I was once really good at doing? Not really.

Oh, that's right. Did I mention that I used to be a huge geek? Say it ain't so! It's true. In my (first) high school, we were required to take a computer literate aptitude test (try saying that 10x fast). I didn't just pass the test with flying colours; I surpassed it. In grade 9, I was put in the grade 10 computer class. In grade 10, the grade 11 computer class. To prevent myself from getting picked on, I let the older boys (yes, I was the only girl in the class) copy off of my HTML and CSS tests. To them, I was a hero. At least, that's how I saw it.

All of that means that I should have no difficulty making my page look awesome. Except for one minor detail: I hit puberty (I was a late bloomer. Leave me alone) and went through a rebellious stage. By the middle of grade 10, I was too busy skipping school and getting into trouble to care about anything else. Don't worry, I cleaned up my act in time to graduate from (my third) high school with Honours, but I also dropped the geeky computer lingo along the way and now I don't remember much about coding and junk.

I'm still going to try my best to make this page look awesome though. If I fail, I'll just shell out the 30 bucks and buy a premade template.

Wish me luck - and I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Stay warm!

Totally unrelated, but important nonetheless


  1. love your new page look!! and your picture is beautiful. it's so much fun to create new looks...i love switching it up every few months.
    a few great sites to find free html codes and templates/banners/background - and

    i love their work and then added my own touch to it.
    i hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. <3

  2. I love the little ecard! It is so very true!


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