Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dreaming of Spring

"Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad?
My mind keeps saying,
Run as fast as you can.
Oh oh oh..."
- Olly Murs, Troublemaker
The "big snowstorm" we were expecting in Toronto yesterday turned out to be a big, slushy, wet mess. It also meant that the roads were (generally) not as busy; meaning that malls would be fairly quiet. So, on my lunch break, I headed over to the Eaton Centre, the largest mall in downtown Toronto.

Shop windows were full of Spring attire. As I fantasized about nicer weather, I headed over to my favourite store ever, Dynamite. There I picked up a Beaded Dress for work and a lovely blush Girlfriend Blazer to compliment it.

As soon as I got home, I had to try it on.

Now, normally I don't take photos of myself au naturale, let alone leave the house without straightening my hair. But, it's only fair that you guys get to see what I look like without the help of photoshop, fake tans, makeup and my flat iron (which I totally need to write a review about). After all, there's nothing sexier than confidence.

Unfortunately, the weather isn't nice enough to go outside in such a nice outfit, and my apartment isn't big enough to take good photos in, so I had to strut my stuff in my hallway, with my digital camera.

Anyhoo, you get the point. I love the outfit and I can't wait to wear it to work!

Anyone have any suggestions on what else I could wear the blazer with?


  1. You look great without makeup so no worries there. Love that blush blazer too. Our snow is melting pretty good and I'm hoping that is the last we'll see for this winter.


  2. I wish I could look like that all natural!! :) Stay warm with all that snow. Brrrrrrrr.......

  3. you look wonderful without makeup!! and i love the blush blazer with that dress! awesome that the mall was nice and slow due to the weather. i bet the blazer would also look great with dark skinny jeans and flats or heels and a fun necklace!
    hope you're having a sweet thursday!

    p.s. - love the snow pic

  4. Very nice outfit. It looks great on you. :-)

  5. Wooooow. Smokin' hot Alex! ;)

  6. You are adorable! And that picture looks exactly like Kansas right now. Snow!

  7. I love that blush blazer - looks great! I'd wear it with a pair of skinnies and some heels.


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