Friday, 15 February 2013

Happy Family Day Long Weekend!

"The sun goes down.
The stars come out.
And all that counts,
Is here and now.
My universe will never be the same.
I'm glad you came."
- The Wanted, Glad You Came
It's finally here! The time that I count down to every month: a long weekend!

Don't get me wrong. I love my job. But, I also love sleep. And what better way is there to celebrate a long weekend than by sleeping in? Okay, so maybe I can think of a few better ways, but sleeping in is pretty awesome too. Rumour has it that once you have kids, those days of sleeping in become a distant memory. So, I might as well enjoy it while I still can! (Note: I'm not planning on having children any time soon. No need to worry!)

I'm off to hit the gym right now and then I plan to sit back and relax (and eat some yummy Valentine's Day leftovers)!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable long weekend! Oh, and if you don't live with them, try to make some time to see your family. Or at least call them. It's a Family Day long weekend, after all!

Quite possibly how my weekend will go.

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