Thursday, 30 January 2014

January 2014 Ipsy Review: 19 Reasons

What do you get when you sign up with Ipsy?

For $10 a month (plus shipping for some; $4.95 for me), subscribers receive a Glam Bag with samples and full-sized beauty products which are unique to them and the profile they filled out when they signed up! You don't know what you're getting ahead of time. The only thing you know is that it follows a theme. This month's theme was Art of Beauty.

What I got:
Balanced Guru
Balm Me Up Organic Sweet Cocoa & Tangy Body Balm

Cost: $1.50

Thoughts: This is definitely too small of sample to use on my entire body more than once. I use it to moisturize my cuticles. You can also find this size really cheap on ebay.

Makeup Cleansing Tissue

Cost: $2.00

Thoughts: I've never heard of Absolute! before but I'm always a fan of makeup tissues. This one was pretty good.

mojito lip balm

Cost: $16.00

Thoughts: I'm always a fan of lip balm. Always. Especially in this weather. But, I think my Blistex is still better than this brand. Especially considering the cost.

Natural Finish Liquid Foundation

Cost: $6.79

Thoughts: I actually don't use foundation. At all. I live by my BB cream. So, this wasn't a product that was for me. I might use it on days where my skin has really broken out though.

the POREfessional

Cost: $3.00

Thoughts: I don't really see the purpose of this. It covers my pores, great. But, so does my BB cream. It doesn't do anything to eliminate my pores. It just covers them. Too bad I didn't like this product because I really like Benefit.

The whole Glam Bag, with the bag!

Ipsy, you're starting to disappoint me. I'm really hoping next month's bag will be much better!

Total cost of contents of bag: $29.29
How much I paid: $14.95
Savings: $14.34

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  1. This one is probably the least exciting one I've seen! I've heard good things about the Porefessional. I don't use any face makeup, just blush and concealer if necessary, so the foundation wouldn't do me any good either. I think I would like the Porefessional since I don't use BB cream though!

  2. Doesn't seem like a very exciting bag, oh well - hopefully next month's is better!

  3. I finally sucked it up and canceled my subscription. They just never seemed to send me anything I could use or would buy in a store for myself.

  4. fingers crossed next month is better, or maybe it might be time to give it up?

  5. I got that Pore Professional stuff a couple years ago as a Sephora sample. I really didnt like it, but I cant remember why- maybe it made me break out? Or just didnt work?

  6. What is BB cream!? I was given a sample moisturizer from The Body Shop the other day. I started to put it on and to my horror I realized it wasn't really moisturizing cream it was tinted aka bronzed foundation.. or at least it felt like foundation. Blech! I never put that on my face because I feel suffocated with a layer of something else on my face.. It DID look really good though. I was totally glowing and I felt nervous because I liked it. I was like, NO! I can't start wearing a layer of make up over my face. It may not have been foundation.. I think it really was some kind of cream but it was bronzed.. so when I scratched my face I would get a bit under my nails. I hate that shit... But please, tell me about this BB cream.

  7. i got the same stuff! didn;t like the foundation on me.

  8. i got that pore stuff for free and i was like ummm ok?! haha and that $16 lip balm- what???

  9. I used to get ipsy (and topbbox, and glymm and glossy and ...) but realized pretty soon that I don't need that many makeup bags :) I actually really like the porefessional--it works really well as a primer under foundation so I can see why it's not your jam. Which BB cream do you use?

  10. Yeah, I wasn't exactly impressed with this month's ipsy bag. We didn't get any of the same stuff though! That's a first!

  11. I've heard good things about pore professional too, but I've never tried it. Okay, i'm finally caught up on New Girl and for some reason I though Nick and Jess were going to get engaged at the end of her birthday episode. Or was that just me? x

  12. I'm surprised you didn't like Porefessional... it seems like it's everyone's go to. I haven't tried it yet because of the price... it's INSANE.

  13. what kind of blistex do you use? and what's bb cream? please tell me its something special and can cover everything and makes you look like a new gal.

  14. You didn't like The Porefesionnal?? I actually owned and loved this product before received the sample in my Etsy bag. I bought my first tube a couple of years ago in Las Vegas and now I think I am on my 4th tube. I don't wear it daily but if I am having a bad complexion day.... I spread this stuff on my T on my face and love it! You should give it a second try!


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