Monday, 9 December 2013

Gingerbread Cookies & Dinners

You know what stinks? When you leave home early to get to work early just to end up being late because of delays on the subway. (Toronto transit stinks.)

Weekend recap time!


Spent time with my dear friends Mike and Anjru. Here's a tip if you ever come to Toronto: don't eat at any of the restaurants at Yorkdale mall. They're all terrible. Your options are: Pickle Barrel, Moxies, Milestones, Rainforest Cafe and Joey. I'd say Joey is the only decent one but it's pretty pricey with a main dish being around $24. Sorry. I'm ballin' on a budget. 


Not even half of the cookies we made

Kat and I made a huge batch of gingerbread cookies which have made my coworkers (and my tummy) very happy.

Can I just say that this is my new favourite drink? It's sweet and delicious.

Obligatory selfie
The cookies took forever to make but it was definitely worth it. Not sure I'll be quitting my day job anytime soon to be a baker though.


Andrew and I ate at a $10 Indian buffet in our area. For $10 you can't go wrong!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Aw those gingerbread cookies are adorable! I can't believe you had the patience to decorate every one - I can never manage any sort of cut-out cookie for that reason.

  2. i love gingerbread cookies!! those look so good, i think i need to make some too!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Just imagine how late you might've been if you hadn't left early!

  4. Major snow storm this morning in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. Left at the same time (I was still on Mexico time) and got to work 10 minutes late! :) Would love if we had a $10 Indian buffet near my house! :)

  5. send the cookies to me please.

  6. The cookies look tasty, as does the indian food. I really want to try some indian dishes...I don't know if I'll be able to find a resturant where I'm from though.

  7. I think you should put those cookies in the mail ASAP!
    And that vodka milkshake you have in your hand up there looks ahh-mazing! I need to figure out if we have those here!

  8. indian buffets are my fave. there's one near my work and i overindulge A LOT. nom nom butter chicken nomssss

  9. You cookies look precious.But more importantly WHAT IS THIS VODKA MUDSHAKE AND WHERE CANI GET ONE?! xx

  10. your cookies turned out so cute! and my fiancé totally has the "pugs not drugs" shirt your friend is wearing haha. love it!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  11. That drink looks amazing and so do the cookies!

  12. Yup that plate of food looks awesome! I made cookies this weekend too. But no ginger bread men I'm afraid! I've only made them once before with a friend and she did all the real work. I just got to decorate. It was fun!

  13. Your gingerbread cookies turned out so cute!! I have been dying to make some Christmas goodies!!

  14. The Indian buffet sounds interesting. Is all of the food spicy or is there items for those who don't do spicy?


  15. Those cookies look delicious!! YUM!~

    I'm having a weekend recap linkup on my blog:

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