Thursday, 21 November 2013

What is Andrew Thankful For? (Boys Behind the Blog)

Time for another round of Boys Behind the Blog! Let's ask Andrew some questions!

1. Who is your favourite band/musician?

Andrew: Umm... I don't know.

Me: Drake? Eminem?

Andrew: Eminem. I forgot. Eminem and Jay-Z.

2. What was your first CD/tape?

Andrew: Some Indian thing. Don't write that. I think it was N'Sync or Backstreet Boys.

Don't write what?

3. Who was your first concert?

Andrew: That I don't know.

Me: I don't think you've been to one.

Andrew: No, right?

4. What is your favourite Thanksgiving food?

Andrew: Chicken, turkey..

Me: What if you have to choose one?

Andrew: Turkey. I don't like turkey. Chicken.

5. Finish the sentence: I am thankful for...

Andrew: everything in my life.

Me: Aw.

Andrew: What?

Me: That's cute.

Andrew: Oh.

Mal Smiles


  1. Hahaha men. Put t hem on the spot and they're tongue-tied. Ask them to shut up, and they won't stop talking! Love it :)

  2. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Andrew were answering those questions!! As I can see, Andrew is a man with many words....

  3. I'm dying! Chicken... turkey... I don't like turkey... Chicken. Hahahaha in my head he's thinking, "What do I really like? But what's normal? I'll list both, except I don't really even like turkey." Too cute.

  4. Hehe, you do an awesome job of these "boys behind the blog" posts! They crack me up every time. :)

  5. Hahaha guys can be so funny- loved his answers!


  6. Haha "don't write that" - love it.

  7. Hahaha, I like how the question is "What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?" and he says turkey, but then says he doesn't like turkey. That's hilarious lol

  8. HahahaHA! He is funny! You both are so cute :)

  9. Oh, how I love this! Totally brought a smile to my face. :)

  10. Hahaha. I've missed how hilarious Andrew's answers are for this link up *don't write that* is now up there as one of my favs including his swirly/spiderweb pattern answer of things on his body way back when x

  11. Hahahah I love this so much. "Eminem. I forgot." "Don't write that." "Turkey. I don't like turkey. Chicken." Seriously I'm just going to keep coming back to these posts when I need a good laugh. Hahaha.

  12. Oh, and I forgot to mention but I LOVE that picture of you two. :)

  13. Haha this made me laugh "Don't write that" and "Aw" "What?" "That's cute" "Oh." "Turkey. I don't like turkey. Chicken." Too funny!

  14. Andrew must not be much of a music guy! You'll have to pop his 'never been to a concert' cherry! They can be lots of fun. Ooooh I bet you guys have some wicked music festivals all over Toronto too. Those can be a total blast!

  15. Haha I just loved reading these answers. I love this link-up. It's so much fun. I love how you had to remind him of pretty much everything. Y'all are so cute.

  16. haha love your commentary and helping him answer. guys always need our help :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  17. Hahaha... i think i should try this with my husband. It sure makes a great read.
    Follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin? Leave a comment when you follow and ill follow you right back.

  18. hahah I actually laughed out loud. this is super cute. "turkey. i don't like turkey. chicken."

  19. LOL "don't write that" - hilarious!

  20. i love your "boys behind the blog". your guy seems funny, especially with all the "don't write that."

  21. He's never been to a concert!?!? How is that possible??? ;-)

  22. Hi! Stopping over from the link up. I laughed out loud at almost every single one. Men, crack me up. My husband had similar responses. I recorded him and have it saved on my iphone for whenever I need a giggle. PS my husband has also been to maybe 4 total concerts in his life!!! CRAZY!!!!

  23. LOL #2 is hilarious!! I need to do this with Matthew next time!!!!


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