Monday, 18 November 2013

Dang, Wind. You Scary.

Depending on where you live, you may have been hit by a huge thunderstorm yesterday. I hope everyone stayed safe and dry! The wind was knocking at my window at a furious rate last night, so suffice to say that I didn't get much sleep last night. Ah, well.

Time for my weekend recap!


I was being a grouch that evening. Not sure why. Later in the evening, we met up with Jerome and went out for dinner. I felt much better then. Look at me trying to eat healthy by ordering a salad (can I just say that it's super embarrassing ordering a salad when at a pub).


Saturday morning, Andrew and I took Misty for a walk around our neighbourhood. We finally decided to check out a cafe/bakery. There are a ton where we live and, for some reason, we've never gone in one. We were so glad we did though. The food was all fresh and the woman that worked there was very sweet. We got a quinoa salad and a muffin. As a little treat, the woman that worked there gave us each a heart shape cookie (pictured). It was very nice of her!

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur as so many things happened at once, from Andrew doing a flight, to me seeing Kat (who saved me from impending boredom), to rushing home to get ready for the evening. 

That night, we went to the Brant House to wish Sanjay a happy birthday. We didn't stay late, as Andrew had to be up at 5am to get to work on Sunday.


Muddy trails. Misty's favourite.
 I spent the day with Misty.
And I got my nails done.

I call that a great Sunday.

How was your weekend?

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  1. that rain and wind had no bidness keeping me up like that!! i was so tired that i skipped my workout and told my alarm off when it went off at 5am. love those trails!!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I love that color pink on your nails! So pretty and feminine :)

  3. I wanted to take my dog for a walk yesterday, but I was legit afraid he would blow away!

  4. LOVING the nail color! And the wind last night was CRAZY!! I kept thinking someone was trying to break in our apartment but then realized it was just the wind. Makes for a tired Monday that's for sure!!

  5. that cookie looks yummy, I wish we had a cute bakery near us. Sadly there are only mostly chains!

  6. We had wind here Saturday, but no rain. When that happens the dirt blows. Which meant brown skies and allergies for me all day!

  7. Your nails look great! And free cookies are always a sign of a good weekend! x

  8. uhm yum to that salad. im that weird person that just loves a good salad. especially if there is chicken in it. nom.

  9. I got zero sleep last night either. I thought my building was going to blow over.

  10. We had a crazy wind and thunderstorm last night, too! Some of the roads in our area were closed because of trees that came down, and my husband had us sleep in the guest bedroom because it's farther away from any possible trees that might fall than our own!

  11. oooh that wind would be scary!! i love your nails! and yum cookies, free makes them even better!

  12. Aw what a sweet lady to give you free cookies. That would make me a repeat customer! Glad you had a nice weekend, I haven't gone to get my nails done in the longest time - it's so relaxing!

  13. I'm actually a little bit jealous, since we never have big storms here. The wind does make it sound a little bit scary though!
    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  14. The cookies look so good, and I love your nail polish color!

  15. I never order salad when I'm out. BUT- they have some damn good, hearty salads out there..! I am always tempted but then of course, I see something way more greasy and cheesy and can't resist.
    A nice quiet Sunday can be so good for the soul..!

  16. Sounds like the perfect weekend! My pup would love that muddy trail! Love your nails too!


  17. Getting your nails done on a Sunday is a great way to start a week! Did you get a pedi done also?? I hate spending $$ on pedis during the fall/winter season but so love getting pedis!!

  18. the top you wore on saturday night is so neat and pretty...and it looks awesome with that lipstick! :)
    i order salads sometimes at funny places and steve just shakes his head. haha!


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