Monday, 25 November 2013

A Weekend Complete with Shenanigans and Surprises

You know those weekends that you never want to end; you wake up on Monday wishing you at least had the day off to sleep? That was this weekend. Because this blog is both my open diary and a way for me to store pictures in the event of my computer dying (which, I hope, it never will) I'm about to bombard this post with cellphone pictures. Enjoy!


I'm sad this picture is blurry
My bestie, Kat, officially gets old older tomorrow. Her fiance, DK, really wanted to throw a surprise party for her. Kat had already made plans with myself and her other friends to go to Second City on Friday night, so DK thought he could throw a party for her on Saturday. But, the only person that really matters in her life, me, was busy on Saturday (okay, okay. Her other friends were busy too. I guess) so that wasn't a possibility. I suggested that DK do something on Friday, before we all went to Second City, and he went with it. He did a great job organizing it and Kat was so surprised when she walked in!

We ate a wonderful dinner that DK made for everyone and celebrated Kat's birthday with champagne and lots of shots.

Then we headed off to see the most hilarious comedy show you'll ever see, Second City.

This was of course followed by awkward four person selfies.

And stairwell photos.

And awkward, photobombed, couples photos.

After an amazing show, we went back to Kat and DK's so Kat could have her birthday cake (and the guys could all take turns playing Grand Theft Auto).


I woke up to, what looked like, a blizzard on Saturday morning. Which meant things I wanted to do in the morning, I didn't do. Because I really, really don't like going out in the cold.

Andrew so sweetly made me pancakes for breakfast though so I managed to get out of bed.

That evening, Andrew and his brother, Raymond, had a conference to go to. So the three of us, and Ray's girlfriend, Kristal, spent the night at the Ritz Carlton hotel.

Where I was impressed and excited to find that the washroom had a TV in the mirror! For the record, this was one of the nicest washrooms I've ever seen.

We had a great view of the CN Tower from our room.

And I took a I'm-getting-bored-and-I'm-really hungry selfie as I waited for the guys to get ready so we could get some grub!

Which we did (and it was delicious).

After a night of drinks and more fun, it was time for bed!


The cure for too many drinks: a brunch buffet. It was delicious.

Before heading home, Andrew and I picked out a Christmas tree.

Misty nervously watched as Andrew sawed off the bottom of the tree before we could put it in water. I was exhausted by the time we got the tree up and all the needles swept up, so I headed to bed. We'll decorate the tree soon though!

Now to get some work done!
Also, I know I'm behind on emails. I promise to get to them today!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I want a TV in my bathroom mirror! haha

  2. looks like a fab weekend!! and that 4person selfie is amazing; it really shows how much fun and how happy you all are. love it :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Just a couple of weeks ago during lunch, a co-worker was talking about the television in the mirror of an hotel in Toronto! And there you go posting that picture! :)

  4. I fully support pancakes in place of weekend responsibilities!!

  5. Hurray on picking out a tree already! And the fact that it snowed is kind of exciting. I really like when it snows, but I don't want to snow here until we find somewhere to live for sure! And those pancakes look divine....maybe I'll have breakfast for dinner tonight! x

  6. I agree with the don't go outside in the cold and snow sentiment. That's why I love living in the South!

  7. WHAT an awesome weekend! I need a mirror like that :)

  8. Such a fabulous weekend! The tv in the bathroom mirror rocks.

  9. your weekend looks way more exciting than mine! jealous. all that food looks so good.

  10. Looks like you had such a fun weekend! That TV in the mirror is great - makes me feel less weird about watching Youtube videos on my tablet while getting ready in the morning! :)

  11. I love a good surprise party! Looks like a fun weekend. The tv in the mirror is way cool!

  12. Ohh what an awesome weekend. Filled with friends, fun, drinks, laughs, Christmas trees and a delicious brunch! ! T.v. in the bathroom whaaaat!!? It reminds me of The Fifth Element..!! with all of the crazy technology.
    Is it still snowing in T.O!?!

  13. This looks like such an awesome weekend!!

  14. Such a fun weekend! I'll come next time :)

  15. Wasn't the weather nasty on Saturday? GAH!

    Ritz night? Dang girl!! I've only ever been in the lobby haha! Is it worth all the hype?


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