Friday, 11 October 2013

Now I Have Inter.. No, Wait..

You may remember my post from last Friday, where I said I took an afternoon off work, just to be stood up by the internet technician. Well, I took, yet another, afternoon off work yesterday to wait at home for the internet technician. One came. I was thrilled. We're off to a good start, I thought. Then he tells me the modem, that the third-party internet company I signed up with sent me, doesn't work. Um, what? 

Not to worry, I think. They're sending another tech out after you.

So, I wait. And wait. And wait some more.

No one shows. 

I check my voice mail. I have two messages left the day before (on Wednesday) from the internet company, telling me they're going to send two technician's out between 1-9pm on Thursday, October 10. Two. Not one. Two

So, what happened to the other guy (or girl)?

Basically, if you ever have a chance to go with Distributel - don't! 

I signed up with them at the beginning of September and I have now been without internet for over a month. This is the worst service I have ever received (Hotwire was pretty bad too). 

If I haven't responded to your email or comment, I apologise. Bare with me, as I only have access to the Internet at work.

Now for the good things this week!

 one. Misty. Sleeping next to that gorgeous girl.
two. Misty part two. Nice weather and park time with her.
three. Mindy Kaling. This girl is my hero. I'm serious. She's hilarious. Have you read her book? If you haven't, buy it. She never fails to make me laugh.
four. cake. Celebrated a co-workers birthday with delicious chocolate cake.
five. bar. Sneaking pictures of food at the bar. I'm missing patio's though. 

Definitely my song right now.

See you all on Tuesday! Canadian's celebrate Thanksgiving this Monday. Woohoo!
Have a great weekend!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.pngxoxo Rebecca


  1. UGH that is the worst! I hate service people like that. Heres to hoping your weekend is better!! xoxo

  2. Oh no - that's terrible you seems to receive the worst service! (I'm referring to the Hotwire incident). I've heard the Mindy Project is a great show, and might start watching it. Royals is one of my favorite songs of the moment, and one of the most highly-requested in dance class! I think I've choreographed at least 3 separate dances to it already haha.

  3. Yikes! Can you cancel your service without penalty since they can't seem to get it working and go with someone else? Or are they your only option?

  4. have a great thanksgiving! that sucks about your internet. heres to your weekend being better!

  5. what a frustrating experience!! here's to hoping you get it soon!!!

  6. Booo! But happy Thanksgiving! It's one of my favorite holidays, and I hope that yours is wonderful!

  7. i LOVE that song and have never seen the video - it came on last night when i was driving...i was so tired and it helped wake me up. thanks for sharing! i hope everything gets working with your internet soon! and i hope you and your loves have an amazing weekend, alex. <3<3<3

  8. I am loving that song too. I watched her perform it on t.v. the other day and she's kind of a freak. But a freak in a good way.. She moves her body in a creepy, twitchy way, like they do in horror movies. Anyways, I like her.
    SO annoying when things like that don't work out, especially since you took not only one but two days off of work. Oh and of course, I have to mention how good that chocolate cake looks.

  9. This totally blows! I hope that you got everything figured out and were compensated in SOME way for what you had to endure. You spoke of Hotwire.. the Travel company? I worked for VIP Travel with the company (totally, totally different from regular Hotwire) for three years and I know all the ins and outs of the company. If you are still with them, have any questions, etc-- feel free to email me! Dropping in by way of Whit's link up today and I hope you have a great weekend!


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