Monday, 21 October 2013

A Weekend of Celebration (with tons of pictures!)

Last Thursday, our dear friend Jerome turned 25. This weekend was a celebration of that milestone. 


In typical Andrew, Jerome and Alex fashion, we started off the celebration by going to St Louis (the three of us have been going to the same location for years). Although Jerome's birthday was on Thursday, I told the server his birthday was today (Friday). At the end of our meal, the server came out with a slice of delicious Lindtt cake, which Jerome couldn't eat due to a nut allergy. Instead, Jerome got a free pint and we got the cake! Sweet deal!

"This looks delicious but I can't eat it. I'll pose with it though since Alex is forcing me to."


Basically, Jerome has the best family ever. They organized a huge birthday celebration for him and we were in charge of getting him there. 

Selfie take #1

Selfie take #1291398
We showed up at his house (much to his surprise) and took lots of selfies (in order to keep him busy. Of course).

When we got the okay from his sister, we blindfolded him and shoved him into the car (to the shock and horror of a lady across the street).
Leading Jerome out of the car and into the hall with almost 200 of his friends and family was all parts fun and exciting. The look on his face when the blindfold came off was priceless. 

Then we ate!

And drank. 

Got quizzed on how well we knew Jerome.

And drank.

Watched some dancers. 

Took tons of photos.

Danced our butts off.

Then guided Jerome's drunk ass home, so Andrew and him could cuddle. 


Sunday was recovery day. Andrew and I slept in later than we have in quite some time. The rest of our day was spent doing chores which is by no means blog worthy. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. That looks like a ridiculously fun party girlfriend!

  2. What an awesome birthday party - hula dancers! Haha I can't imagine what that lady across the street was thinking when you shoved him in the car, way too funny!

  3. That party looks fabulous! I'm super jealous of your fun weekend!!

  4. Wow! What a party! It looks like you guys had a TON of fun :)

  5. looks like a fun party! and whenever i see pics of andrew, all i can think about is THAT GUY HAS A FUCKING PLANE!!!!! I WANT A PLANE!!!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. Looks like a fun celebration!! I don't think I really did anything for my 25th birthday. Then again that was 3 years ago so I probably just don't remember. I'm old. Sigh.

  7. Looks like a wonderful weekend! :) The way I see it, it's ok to lie about what day your birthday is if the purpose for being out is to celebrate it! My parents, my brother and sister went to eat this weekend -- my sister's birthday was the 4th, my step mom's was Saturday and my brother's is November 4th. They got THREE free pieces of cake!

  8. Talk about a huge party! What did I do on my 25th birthday? .... Oh I just got married, the weekend before.. so my in laws were still in town. They threw me a backyard bbq 'wig' party. We all wore wigs and drank.. lol
    Jerome's party looked like a wedding. I need to invest in more interesting friends like your pal Jerome. I like the selfies you took. You look TEENY TINY between those boys.. It's cute.

  9. What a huge bash for turning 25! Can't wait to see what his family will do for his 30th!
    Is Jerome still single?? I would have many friends that would date a guy like Jerome... too bad you guys are not closer to Ottawa...! lol

  10. Umm, can you pleaes tell his family that my birthday is in September? Kkk? Thanks! :)
    Seriously though, now that's a birthday party!

  11. What an amazing 25th!!!! I'm kind of (super) jealous.... Also you and Andrew look adorable together as per usual! x

  12. dang Jerome and Co. know how to party! Looks fun :) I doubt my 25th will be like that waaahh

  13. umm...where was the invite? ;) this looks like a FUN party!

  14. Wow, that looks like an amazing party, with dancers and everything! Awesome!

  15. What a fun weekend!!! Love that cuddle picture :) birthday weekends are the best!


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