Thursday, 26 September 2013

That Time I... Got a Phone Call & Autograph From Houston

If your first response to that was, "Who the heck is Houston?" we can't be friends anymore.

I'm totally kidding. I doubt anyone remembers that short lived one-hit-wonder.

But, before he went crazy and tried to stab his eye out with a plastic fork, he released a song called "I Like That" which was actually kind of catchy. Here's a refresher:

Remember yet?

Anywho, I thought he was kind of a big deal. So, I told my cousin, who just happens to have some hookups in the music industry, and for my birthday, I got a personal phone call from Houston. The call went something like this:

Me: "Hello?"

My cousin: "Alex, I have a friend here who wants to talk to you. One second."

Houston: "Hey girl. It's Houston."

Me: "Oh my god... hi."

Houston: "Hey girl. Your cousin showed me your picture. We should link up one day."

Me: "Yes!"

Houston: *laughs* Says something about giving my cousin something for me and peaces out.

Suffice to say that the "link up" never happened. I'll blame that on him going cray cray. But - I did get an autographed picture from him!

In case you can't see it, it says, "Alex - what ^ yo. Holla when you see me"

He definitely has a way with words.

Have you ever talked to a celebrity you liked?


  1. Thats pretty cool! But yeah man was crazy when he stabbed his eye out lol... I talked to AJ Mclean(backstreet boys) i was kinda drunk and told him how much i loved him. lol saw him at a club one time!
    hahah good times.

  2. Oh my gosh this is great! I loved that song when it first came out. This is the first I'm hearing about his eye gauge suicide attempt...good thing you didn't 'link up' with him!

  3. Haha he does have a way with words! That was so nice of your cousin to do that for your birthday!
    Also, this is proof that Miley Cyrus did not, if fact, invent twerking, and we've been over it for years.

  4. This is awesome, haha. I didn't remember who was but when I listened to the song it all came rushing back!

  5. Hahaha I love this story! That's amazing. I can't believe you got that phone call. Also I had no idea that he stabbed himself in the maybe it's good you didn't "link up" x

  6. Haha, that's awesome. But honestly. I had no idea who that was until I watched the video and heard the song. haha.

  7. Haha! what a way with words, indeed!---slash this is actually really cool!

  8. Ha, this is awesome. I had no clue who he was at first but totally remembered when I saw the video.

  9. I met Kevin Bacon at a Planet Hollywood. My sister said, "Hello Mr. Bacon" and he tipped his hat at her. ( I was there to witness it.. so it's liiiike I met him.) Barry Pepper has been seen at my grocery store a couple of times. (Google him.. he is a somebody!) And.. I met Bobby Orr at the Toronto Airport.. I went up to him and introduced my husband to him. He was suuuuper starstruck and didn't want to do it himself..! I got a picture with him.. it was pretty cool! I've never heard of Houston either.. but that does not mean he isn't suuuper awesome..!! ;)
    Still, it's pretty cool that your cousin had him talk to you..!

  10. I love a good rap song! That is awesome your cousin had him call you. Not just anyone can say they answered their cell phone and a rapper was on the other end!

  11. i am CRACKING up. ohmygosh, you are so funny and that's too funny...
    i DO remember that song. and now i'm going to have it in my head! LOL!!!


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