Wednesday, 14 August 2013

That Time I... Went To Vancouver, BC

Last week, I told you about the time I went to Whistler, BC (you can read about that here). This is a continuation of that post. Picture overload included!

After Andrew and I left Whister, we made our way over to Vancouver! But first, we stopped over at Stanley Falls.

Confession: I have a slight obsession with waterfalls. Don't ask me why. Something about the beauty of a thing that isn't man-made leaves me in absolute awe.

We got to Vancouver late on Friday evening, so we checked into our ghetto hotel (thanks Hotwire), grabbed a bite to eat and called it a night.

Saturday morning, we started the day off with a bus tour of Vancouver!

We happened to be in Vancouver during their Pride week, so on our tour we passed these lovely guys.

I'm not sure what they are or what they represent. All I know is they were dressed for Pride and I thought that was awesome!

One stop on the tour was Granville Island. We decided to get off there and check it out.

There we ate at the most amazing seafood restaurant ever called The Sandbar. I had a salmon sandwich and, I kid you not, I have never ate a sandwich so good before! I want more!

After lunch, and more exploring, we ended up at Stanley Park. That's where we met a super friendly raccoon (um, how cute!), a weird looking slug and an alligator made from a tree. Stanley Park is huge (bigger than Central Park in NYC) and we easily could have spent the whole day there. We didn't though.

That night, we made our way over to English Bay (thanks Emily for making me figure that out!) for some big event. There was an air show, free stuff (I love free stuff!) and...


Sunday, Andrew and I went on a lovely boat cruise.

While on the tour, we saw some seals! So cute!

After the tour, we headed over to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It's essentially just a giant tourist trap, but I'm a huge sucker for those kind of things. Of course, we managed to take a few pictures while we were there!

Just chillin' on a giant suspension bridge

That night, we explored a little more.

And had an amazing dinner with a view of the water and the mountains.

The trip may have been short, but it was amazing! I loved Vancouver and would love to visit it again!

Now go visit the very sweet Emily, who has also been to Vancouver! If you creep hard enough on her blog, you'll find her post on it! Just don't creep her out!


  1. What a fun trip - I need to go to Canada! Stanley park seems so beautiful. That pic of you two over the water is perfect, you need to frame that! :)

  2. love vancouver! i hate to admit but one of the best visits was to a store in richmond called Daiso. it's like dollarama but all jacked up.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. YAY YAY YAY!!! This makes me so happy. :D So jealous you got to go on the Capilano suspension bridge! That was one thing we would have loved to do. I think we ended up doing the whale watching instead, which I guess was a good substitute! ;) Do you guys have a tripod and use self timer or did you just ask people to take pictures of you?? I personally hate asking people to take pictures of me, mainly because I'm so shy and don't like to ask strangers, hahahaha.

  4. This looks incredible! Especially the fireworks and the seals! I could miss the slug though.... Your posts make me want to go to Canada- something I'd never thought I'd hear myself saying! xx

  5. what a fun trip! those fireworks look awesome!! i need to visit canada!

  6. I've only ever been to Vancouver in the winter time. I'd love to go in the summer sometime. It seems like there is always so much to do in the city.

    Is Stanley Park actually bigger than Central Park? Crazy!

  7. When Carl and I just started dating we went up to Vancouver to visit my cousin and I wanted Carl to think I was adventurous and cool so I planned for us to go to the suspension bridge only to be embarrassed because it was the BIGGEST TOURIST TRAP EVER. Lol! We still had fun though :)


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