Monday, 22 July 2013

Video Games & Food

My shoulders are sore and I want to go back to bed. A sign of a good weekend? Recap time!


I had a really crappy day on Friday, which was made worse by me getting stuck in a terrible storm on my way home from work. When I say I got stuck in it, I mean, I was walking home and all of a sudden it started pissing golf ball sized rain.

I told Andrew about my crappy day. When he got home, he surprised me with those lovely flowers.

It definitely made me feel a bit better but I was too much of a grump to want to go anywhere.


I met up with some girl friends for Summerlicious. For those of you that don't know what Summerlicious is, it's an event Toronto has that lets you sample a three-course prix fixe at some of the top restaurants. We got an awesome three-course meal for only $15!

I, of course, had the pasta.

We then went to Playdium, which is essentially a bigger version of Dave and Busters (filled with lots of children). They have more than just video games though. They also have batting cages, go-karts, a laser maze, rock climbing and lots more!

We just stuck to the video games, where Elcy hit the jackpot on one.

I hit the jackpot on the game beside it and Eliane hit the jackpot on the same game that Elcy won on!

Side note: I was terribly disappointed that my favourite game ever, Time Crisis, wasn't working. Tear.

After Playdium, I went home to find Misty sitting on my couch with Andrew. Jerome came over, and after a long walk with Misty, we played some xbox (Misty slept).


After lunch with some friends, we did some spring cleaning. Exciting, exciting stuff.

Andrew is now gone for the week to do an IFR (Instrument Flight Rating) course. I'll miss him lots while he's gone!

How was your weekend?

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  1. The Summerlicious event sounds amazing! I would have been all up on a $15 3-course meal. Aww that was so sweet of him to get you flowers when you had a crappy day, it's nice when they listen! Haha

  2. All of the food pictures look delish and are making me hungry, nom nom nom!! Glad to see your bad day got made up with sweet flowers, have a great Monday!

  3. hmm I may have to add playdium to my list of places to go in toronto it sounds so fun. My weekend was lame haha I was hoarding rest for this crazy week I have planned

  4. Aww Andrew is too sweet! A 3 course meal for $15?! Sign me up!! & don't worry, this week will be over before ya know it & Andrew will be back! ;)

  5. gotta love any post where food is involved! I would also like to go back to bed...
    Here's to Monday!


  6. At least your crappy day was at the beginning of your weekend - not at your end! :) That's always a plus!

  7. Perfect weekend!!! Andrew is too sweet...the flowers are just so happy :) Gimme some pasta...and I'd take a three course meal for $15 dollars. What were some of the other options? sounds like a fun time! Isnt it funny how winning the jackpot at an arcade game can make you so happy?! The biggest jackpot I've one I think was 500 ticks. I wish the week to go by fast for you! Brian's wanting to start IFR. He gone to look at some planes as I type this. He flew in a warrior plane last week. Apparently its bigger or something

  8. 3 courses for $15? Sign me up! Glad your bad day got turned around, for some reason, flowers always seem to turn a frown upside down :)

  9. what a fun weekend filled with fun and relaxation! i always love hearing about your adventures! :) summerlicious sounds awesome and your pasta looks AWESOME! :)
    i hope the week goes by quickly for you while andrew is gone! sending lots of love, alex. xoxox


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