Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Guys, Don't Play 'The Game'

On Wednesday, I usually do a 'That Time I' post with Emily. Today, I was supposed to write another review, but I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of the products. So, instead, you get a rant. An important one at that.

Guys, listen up.

"The Game" doesn't work.

If you don't know what The Game is, I shall enlighten you. It's an idiotic book (which has been featured everywhere) written by some jackass named Niel Strauss (the full name is The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists). Still confused? Essentially Strauss thinks that the way to get a girl is by lowering her self-esteem.

I'm completely serious. He refers to it as "negs." 

From; A “neg” is an insult directed at a desirable woman, especially a very beautiful one, in the hopes that this will distinguish a guy from sleazy sycophants. “You’re ugly” is too strong, so Neil mostly uses comments halfway between a compliment and an insult, like “Nice skirt. I just saw another girl wearing one of those,” or “Your hair would look better down/up.”
From the book itself; "Neg -- 1. noun: an ambiguous statement or seemingly accidental insult delivered to a beautiful woman a pickup artist has just met, with the intent of actively demonstrating to her (or her friends) a lack of interest in her. For example: “Those are nice nails; are they real?” 2. verb: to actively demonstrate a lack of interest in a beautiful woman by making an ambiguous statement, insulting her in a way that appears accidental, or offering constructive criticism."

I'm sorry, what?

Guys, this isn't sexy. Telling me how my hair should look doesn't make me want to sleep with you. Instead, it makes me really angry. So, I'm either going to do one of two things: I'm either going make a big-ass stink out of it and embarrass you in front of your equally idiotic friends or I'm going to play along with you. I'll let you think you that you've successfully lowered my self-esteem, but I'm going to constantly bring it up. For example, on our second date (assuming that you had some redeeming qualities that made me actually want to date you), my hair is up. Oh, but you don't like my hair up, right? I'll just remind you that you said that. Years later, I'm wearing my hair up somewhere. Oh, wait. You don't like my hair up, right? I'll still remind you that you said that. Annoying isn't it? So is being told we should look a certain way.

For the record, girls don't forget things. Not only do I remember, years later, that time you insulted my hair, but all my girl friends that were there that day remember too. This was their first impression of you. I'll let you in on a little secret: they don't like jerks either.

Simply put, insulting women is never appreciated.

This applies to mothers too
Stop trying to kill chivalry. It isn't dead and it's appreciated. Opening doors, walking on the side of the road where the cars are, pulling up a chair for your lady - trust me, you want to get laid at the end of the night a girl to like you, that stuff will get you much farther. Don't listen to Strauss.

/end rant


  1. SO idiotic. And so many men bought this book too. I remember it being a bestseller when it first came out. I was at a frat party once and the guys were rating girls as they walked in the door. I received highest marks *gee thanks* but after having just seen them insult one of my friends, what were they excepting but for me to flip them off and carry on with my evening? x

  2. This is so true! I just don't understand how some men think that telling a woman what to do and how to look is the way to get a girl. I dated a guy like that. It lasted two weeks. We would be out in public and he would lean over without looking at me and just point to his cheek when he wanted me to kiss him. It was so effing weird! Get OVER yourself, dude! /end rant LOL

  3. It's sad that men have to stoop to such a level to pick up women. A guy I was once talking to told me he liked my hair long after I told him I was going to cut it off and donate it. His opinion mattered to me none.

  4. Oh, the neg. The reason it works is it catches unsuspecting women off-guard, when you're expecting compliments all night. I have had it happen to me multiple times, but like you, I get pissed and don't talk to them afterwards. I've actually called guys out on it before, to make them aware that girls know what a neg is, what they are trying to do, and it won't work. If it does...well the girl is probably not that smart, so they deserve each other lol.

  5. Oh my god, I have a special hatred for this book. Years ago, my then boyfriend and I broke up, but I was still roommates with his best friend. They got this book and decided it was how they were going to meet chicks, and would spend their time practicing and talking about it-- right in front of me! I was like, hello, for one, we just broke up like last week, and two, no girl is going to fall for that, and you're an asshole!
    They kept retorting that I was just jealous! Ugh!
    Needless to say, neither of them met a girl with their strategies.

  6. Very very very true! Do you read the blog Hooking Up Smart? It's all about how girls should avoid these "Alpha" guys who use this time of pick up method and focus on the "Betas"...

  7. these ecards are the best. i am cracking up! i love your attitude, alex! i am in total agreement with you. yuck to those kinds of guys...gross!!


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