Monday, 8 July 2013

Birthdays & Doggy Dates

For some reason, I'm absolutely exhausted. Maybe it's the heat. I love warm weather but I don't love not having AC. Anyway, I'm keeping this weekend recap short and sweet!


Amelia, Mike, me, Andrew and Anjru
We celebrated my dear friend, Mike's, birthday at a pub downtown.

We asked for some dip with our fries. They gave us three different types. Mmm. I love dip.


Misty, me, Kat and Beamer
We finally took Misty to Kat and DK's to meet her future husband, Beamer. As much we (Kat and I) wanted them to hit it off right away, they didn't. There was a lot of growling and a lot of Beamer clearly stating, "This is my house. Bitch." Easy there, Beamer. Once Misty told him to buzz off, they got along a lot better. But in the end, Misty was much more interested in eating a bone.

We tried to get them to pose for the camera with us. They wouldn't. That's the only picture we got of Misty posing.

Maybe if we distract them...

Ah, there we go. The happy couple!

We also played Settlers of Catan.

I lost.


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  1. Love doggy play dates :) Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  2. Aw they are so cute, too funny that they weren't having it. Ah Settlers of Catan! That game is so addicting.

    You are so photogenic! You have the perfect smile in every photo :)

  3. Hahaha, aww! As much as we wish dogs could be friends, sometimes they just can't! But I guess it's better when the dislike is mutual. My dog thinks EVERY dog wants to be her friend and that gets her in trouble sometimes.

  4. We love Settlers of Catan!! Fun game :) cute doggies!!

  5. Misty and Beamer look so cute! Haha, It takes me forever to take a picture of my dog because she never sits and look up at me unless she wants my food.

    xoxo -B ♡

  6. I wish I could have a doggy date with you hahaha

  7. great looking dogs. Great pics by the way. I love ranch dressing with fries. it's the best. always up for trying new things.

  8. I'm drooling for fries and dip now. Thanks.

  9. stifling summer heat sucks the life out of me... it's actually not THAT dramatic. but sometimes it feels that way! i am drooling over your french fry pic, they are my weakness. SETTLERS OF CATAN!! one of my favorites. i even have the "travel sized" version. hahahaha, such a nerd.

  10. i love when they give you all kinds of sauce to dip your fries in. we have a restaurant here that does that - i could drink the sauce. lol.
    so sweet that you had a doggy date!! you're always having so much fun, alex - i love it!
    wishing you a wonderful day! xoxox

  11. I love that both of our best friends are named Kat! :) & doggy play dates are the best... even when the dogs don't get along right away haha. We always have to dangle a treat or a toy in front of the camera to get pups to actually pose for the camera!

  12. Kavalier needs more doggy dates. Sounds like a fun weekend.


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