Thursday, 6 June 2013

Throwback Thursday: Stylin' and Co-Hosting!

When Jenn asked me to co-host Throwback Thursday, I was thrilled! I love seeing everyone's pictures!

For today's Throwback Thursday, I'm taking it old school and showing you all what amazing style I had when I was a kid. That's right. I was one stylish little girl.

Don't believe me? See for yourself!

Slide Wear

In this number, I chose to go down the slide wearing a matching shirt and pair of shorts. 
The hat matches too. 
Just in case you were wondering.

Full Set

Not only was I stylish in my matching outfits, but I knew how to pose like it was nobody's business.
I mean, who doesn't pose next to a newspaper box?

A Little Bit of Pink

Not only did I like posing by newspaper boxes, but I also enjoyed posing on slides.
Note the matching sweater and headband.

And in case you're not impressed by my amazing outfits, check out my stunning resemblance to Matilda.
We're like twins.

Now link up for Throwback Thursday!

time to take it back to the good ol' days!
whoop whoop.



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  1. Oh the matching sets... this is too funny :)

  2. I remember those days where everything came in matching sets. You do resemble Matilda. I have a friend who does as well. :)

  3. Haha that's so funny we ended up hosting linkups on the same day! You seemed to be an excellent picture poser - outfit #1 and #2 are my favs. Gotta love 90's fashion!

  4. Love love love all those pictures!! Matilda was definitely a childhood favorite of mine!! :)

  5. Jealous because I would have LOVED to look like Matilda when I was a kid! xx

  6. What are you talking about, you were stylin' back then!!

  7. aw matilda, i wonder what ever happened to her!! i have a new post up if you have a sec, i'd love to know what you think! xx

  8. I just saw that movie again the other day, yes you looked like her!

    From That Friday Blog Hop

  9. aww, matilda!! i love it. you are adorable! and i love all your poses!

  10. Oh my goodness these pictures are so adorable! It makes me want to look through my childhood photos! Such a fashionista you were. ;)


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