Monday, 10 June 2013

Nothing Like Rain on a Monday

Waking up to rain makes me want to lay in bed and relax. Waking up to rain on a Monday makes me want to stay in bed. Indefinitely.

Onto my weekend recap!


Nothing to write home about.


Andrew and I saw The Purge. Holy crap, that was a good movie! Both of us really enjoyed it, so I don't understand the mixed reviews.

Andrew's "seriously, do we have to take pictures right now?" face.
After the movie, we met up with friends, grabbed Misty and went for a walk along the beach. We ended the night off with some delicious burgers.


Photo bomb much?

We spent Sunday night with Kat and DK.

Classy glasses for classy people.
After drinks at their place, we went out for dinner, where we were served water in a measuring cup. Unique idea, to say the least.

This burger joint is supposed to be amazing, but I thought it was just meh. When I got home, my stomach was killing me. But, that could have been my stomach telling me that I shouldn't have spent the whole weekend eating crap. Too bad, stomach. Too bad.

How was your weekend?
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  1. Haha Andrew's photobomb. I can't watch movies like the purge, they scare me too much! Lol I'm a wimp. Looks like it is going to start raining here soon too.

  2. I have commented in forever since my laptop decided to eat ALL the comments that I tried to post. But apparently the computer gods are fans of me right now, so things are good again.

    By the way, if you love the sound of rain, and the weather doesn't feel like being obliging, try out this sucker. It's great if you want to read.

    Cheers, and have an excellent day! I hope that your stomach forgives you for your choices on eating materials.


  3. I want to watch the Purge but I also heard mixed reviews. I'll probably watch it anyway. Mmm I want a burger now.

  4. Ha! Drinks in measuring cups made me chuckle. Surely they were hard to drink out of? xx

  5. I'm glad you loved the Purge!! & that picture of you & andrew is precious!! love it! :)

  6. It hasnt rained yet but is pretty dull here too. Hopefully we can get a walk in with the dog before the rain starts! I love that picture of you and Andrew. I love walking on the beach at night! Always so relaxing :)

  7. Seriously the cutest picture ever with yall on the beach!!

  8. i love the photo of you and Andrew on the beach!! and the photobomb photo gave me a much needed laugh. you are beautiful, alex. sending much love xoxox

  9. First, I really want to go see The Purge! I'm glad to hear you liked it, I haven't heard much as far as if it was good or not. Second, LOVE the first picture of you and Andrew. Third, I LOVE Andrew's photo bomb! Haha, it's so great. Fourth, I'm catching up on your blog (I've been terrible at keeping up with any blogs lately!) so don't be annoyed by all my comments! :)


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